Friday, December 30, 2016

Good Review for CÉLINE Nano Luggage

Here's another review from Bailey for a lovely replica CÉLINE Nano Luggage Bag.
I was hesitant at first to my post, just because there is already so many wonderful reviews on a nano bags. I've decided to do one anyways just because I felt in love with this bag.

As usual, communication with Melody was very easy. I sent her a pic of the bag I wanted she quickly replied with payment options with discount.Melody offered me very good price this time .I got free shipping with one more bag and two scarves ,which it was really a good deal.

The price for this bag is $290.I asked for full packing,as it was a gift for my sister.
This bag looks great and beautiful.Everything is fabulous!The leather is soft,the hardware is heavy and the stitching is immaculate, made with very high quality thread. The dimensions are spot on.My Sister like it very much! So happy with it!


  1. Hi! Can you send the link where you got this from? Or Melody's contact info?

    Please and Thank you!

  2. Hi! Cna you please share the site you got this from? Or Melody's contact info?

    Please and Thank you!!

  3. Hi! I sooo envy the Celine nano! mind if I ask where you got it from? please please I wanna buy :)

  4. Where did you get the Celine nano from? please send me link thru email. I really really wanna order! thanks! :)

  5. How can i get her contact info so i can buy one