Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fallinfashion Review from one of the readers

Here is the email I got about the review of Fallinfashion. If you have any review please feel free to email me : 


     I have received my parcel today.  Thank you very much.  Other than the color of Dior bag is darker pink than I have expected (more of coral pink than baby light pink), all things are very good.  I thank you very much for the Bulgari necklaces and I am very happy with the burberry coat and the Louboutin boots.  Although, my thighs are too big to fit the boots legs (I cannot pull it straight up) , I still have to say that they are very good quality.  I really wish they would fit me.  I will look for other Louboutin booties or shoes in the future.  I just had to order the long boots to try it as I really love them even though I had to risk it may not fit on my legs.  They are beautiful.  The Hermes scarf is so pretty.  I think I love it so much that I am afraid to wear it and wrinkle it.  Thank you for giving me a chance to have these nice things that I otherwise cannot owe. I will buy more in future!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Good Review for CÉLINE Nano Luggage

Here's another review from Bailey for a lovely replica CÉLINE Nano Luggage Bag.
I was hesitant at first to my post, just because there is already so many wonderful reviews on a nano bags. I've decided to do one anyways just because I felt in love with this bag.

As usual, communication with Melody was very easy. I sent her a pic of the bag I wanted she quickly replied with payment options with discount.Melody offered me very good price this time .I got free shipping with one more bag and two scarves ,which it was really a good deal.

The price for this bag is $290.I asked for full packing,as it was a gift for my sister.
This bag looks great and beautiful.Everything is fabulous!The leather is soft,the hardware is heavy and the stitching is immaculate, made with very high quality thread. The dimensions are spot on.My Sister like it very much! So happy with it!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The 35cm Clemence Leather Hermes Birkin

Here are review from blog fan ,she bought from Jess/Fallinfashion.They have promotion sale for Christmas may contact her for your Christmas gift.


This is my second Birkin from Jess,Jess is so wonderful to purchase from .I asked her a 100 question and she always replies with patients.I can't say enough nice thing about her.
I have a 30cm brown Birkin form her before. I used the Bag and everyone was admiring it.size 30cm is a bit smaller ,so i order the size 35cm , the 35 cm version is great for everyday use because of its size and ability to carry tons. I received the item within a week of ordering.The quality of the bag is as good as before ,the package was packed with extreme care ,The bag is superb quality. It's very soft, feels and smells wonderfully. The stamping was good.Overall,this bag is stunning!

I'll buy more from Jess ,her bags 'quality and price is right. she is the fantastic seller that I truly trust .