Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Good Review of Givenchy Antigona

This was my first purchase from FallinFashion, and I was very impressed. The original quality, small, black pebbled "Antigona" with gun metal hardware from FallinFashion is a spot-on copy. 

The attention to bag details was very pleasing: Perfect leather, immaculate stitching, non-removable strap, non-flopping handles, puffy zip pull, evenly spaced bag pads, straight and secured designer logo, twill cotton bag - they even had the name of the original zip designer engraved on the underside of the zip! The only (minor) problem I had was with the care booklet and the leather swatch, which were not created with as much attention. 

Even better than the bag was the service provided by Jess, who was professional, sympathetic to my concerns, and answered all my questions quickly. 

Thanks for providing such a great service!

I will definitely recommend and use their services again.


  1. Do you know if there are problems with Customs Clearance in USA, like import tax, etc.

  2. Did you have any problems with Customs Clearance in US, like import tax, etc.?