Monday, October 31, 2016

Prada Mini Cuir Bag from Dick of DKPURSE

there is a review from blog reader Susan. This is a replica Mini Cuir Bag from Dick of DKPURSE,the bag looks good.

Hi ladies! 

So I finally received my first order from Dick, and I'm very impressed with quality!
When I asked for the bag they didn't have it in stock, so I had to wait an extra 3-4 days for it to be made (it was well worth the wait!). they accept visa card which make me feel safe.I got photos within 2 days,Then EMS shipping took another 3 days to my house .

this Mini size Cuir bag is a simply, elegant shoulder bag with a long leather strap,  its most attractive feature, and comes in options such as gold hardware in bright colors.
Five star of course!!! This bag is amazing! It looks and feels like 99.9% the authentic bag. Leather is soft and has the original bag smell. No strong chemical smell at all. The quality is incredible. I highly recommend this product.will order more soon.

Fallinfashion Review

I wrote a litte review for Fallinfashion, maybe you like to put it on your feedback list:
I am a regular customer of Jess from Fallinfashion for about one year now.
I have purchased  Hermes Birkin ,Hermes Kelly Ghillies ,CC Le Boy, CC  pumps, LV bags and Hermes wallet. I was thrilled with all.
I have the originals of all these brands and the details such as the quality oft the leather , hardware, workmanship etc. are absolutely comparable.
Also I am really impressed with the service. Jess is an honest person, she is very accommodating, when there is any issue for example with shipping etc and very very important to me the communication with her has always been  perfect.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Good Review of Givenchy Antigona

This was my first purchase from FallinFashion, and I was very impressed. The original quality, small, black pebbled "Antigona" with gun metal hardware from FallinFashion is a spot-on copy. 

The attention to bag details was very pleasing: Perfect leather, immaculate stitching, non-removable strap, non-flopping handles, puffy zip pull, evenly spaced bag pads, straight and secured designer logo, twill cotton bag - they even had the name of the original zip designer engraved on the underside of the zip! The only (minor) problem I had was with the care booklet and the leather swatch, which were not created with as much attention. 

Even better than the bag was the service provided by Jess, who was professional, sympathetic to my concerns, and answered all my questions quickly. 

Thanks for providing such a great service!

I will definitely recommend and use their services again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pont Neuf Tote in Black Epi Leather

Here are Long review from Melody's customers.They are a trusted seller on my Recommended Seller List and Jess/Melody are wonderful to work with.


This is the 3rd bag I’ve purchased from Fallin & so far I remain happy w/ the products and overall experience. I stalked this on the real site for a while, but it’s no longer available in the epi leather. Although I have several black purses, every woman needs a black handbag that can work for business as well as casual. I decided to take pictures right away this time because I knew I was going to use this bag immediately. 

First, let me cover how much detail is put into the packaging which may help shed some light on why we pay so much for the s&h w/ this company. The bag was packaged very securely! The exterior packaging was practically mummified in tape, there was no way anything was going to come loose. Also, the shaping of the packaging is always complimentary to the shape of the bag. Once I broke through all the tape, there were supports inside the packaging to keep the bag from shifting. Again, this to keep the integrity of the bags original shape. Then the bag itself was in a thin plastic protective bag to ensure that the leather wasn’t scratched or scraped against the card board packaging. When I removed the exterior plastic, I didn’t smell any strange smells or anything. The handles & hardware were wrapped w/ thin plastic or tissue &tape

The leather feels good, especially on the inside pockets its soft and buttery feeling. There’s a suede lining on the lower part of the outer flaps, and the inner is completely lined with the suede. To my surprise there’s a double pocket in the interior of the bag, one is behind the zipper pocket. This bag, just like my others, looked just like the pictures on the site & just like the pics that Melody sent me prior to shipping.

This is the first Louis I’ve ordered from Fallin so I also wanted to compare the dust bag to an original. The first thing I noticed was the feel. Fallin’s dust bag (upper part of the pic below) is softer to the touch which I actually find more appealing. Theirs is also a little lighter in color. The stitching around the outer edge of theirs has a larger stitch width and may not be as neat in some areas, whereas original Louis has a tighter stitch which will remain consistent and neat all the way around.

There’s also a difference w/ the size of name print. Fallin has a smaller font size. Louis is larger and not placed close to the edge.

One more thing I noticed when putting my original away is that Louis actually puts a tag in the interior of the dust bag as well. I’ve had this particular bag for years & I just noticed it today when taking these pics.

Overall regarding the dust bags, who’s going to notice these things unless they’re able to do a side by side comparison? Most aren’t likely to know the different unless they’re very familiar w/ the brand & detail oriented. Regardless, who’s giving closet tours, & if you did, who’s going to let someone inspect items in their closet that closely? So these differences don’t mean much unless you’re trying to pass something off as authentic.

I’ve been using this bag for about 5 days now & so far I’m very happy & extremely likely to be making another purchase before the year is over.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Review of Orange Birkin Bag From FallinFashion

Hi dear 

Here are AWESOME Bag from a forum member. These belong to JESS (Fallinfashion). I am IN LOVE with the Orange Birkin ,it looks DELICIOUS!!!



She just arrived yesterday and and I'm very impressed. Smells amazing and feels great,inside feels even better.I am so excited!

I have to say that this is by far my favorite rep. No other rep I own comes close. Its logo and color are really perfect ,the bag looks stunning. I give it a full 10/10 all ways around.
The shipping was great, it was sent DHL and arrived in about 3 working days. It come with Orange box and well packed(it was packed with a lot of care) ,The box and bag were not damaged .The stitching is beautiful, and the colors are just made for each other. I could not be happier. The stamp is crisp and the indentations are clean.I will definitely recommend and order again.