Saturday, September 10, 2016

Best Replia Hermes Birkin 30cm Brown Clemence Leather Bag

Here are review from one blogger ,she bought the bag from Jess/fallinfashion.

the bag looks really perfect ,especially the color.I love it.


This is my second time buying a purse and I have been so impressed with the service. Every time I would ask a question, I would get a very quick and detailed response. The quality is amazing and the shipping was way faster than expected. I love it! 
I was very scared because I purchase in another website but never got the bag,I bought a Gucci soho bag at first ,i got the bag with one week .the bag  looks fabulous.

I tried the second order with attached Birkin bag .it is really very beautiful and excellent work, i know what authentic bag look like and their handbag selection is the best comparison i have seen.
attached are the bag i got,the bag is in very good quality and soft leather ,it is in very good shade.every stitching are same and even.there is no way anyone can tell the difference between this bag and an original ,LOVE IT!!!!


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  2. Is this the original quality, hand sewn? It is beautiful! :)