Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Review of Fallinfashion

Here is the email I got about the review of Fallinfashion. If you have any review please feel free to email me : 



They asked me to do a review, so here it is:

I discovered this site about 1 year ago. To be quite honest, I was a but suspiscious about the products they offered. There are thousands of sites claiming 'nice quality bags' , but in reality none of it is true. I have a few handbags that I received as a gift (real bags), but despite that I was curious about these items .. After all, it does make a huge difference in price. I decided to give it 1 try and ordered my first item: a pink chanel bag caviar skin. When it arrived I was over the moon! Very lovely bag! I also compared it with my real one (a black one), and I was quite shocked there were no differences, it even had an "authenticity card".

My next purchase was last Christmas: I bought a Hermes navy blue burkin bag for my mom and an Hermes watch for my dad. Once again soooo happy. That Hermes bag is just top quality!! We get so many compliments about it.

Next I ordered a mini chanel bag , hot pink, Chevron, with golden chain. This is just such a cute bag! We also took Original Quality (OQ), I really recommand this! The leader is so incredibly soft! I will probably order a Louis Vuiton bag OQ in a few months.

Last month, I ordered a louis vuitton wallet Vernis for my mom and a black one for my boyfriend) 

I really recommand this site, It is crazy how incredibly nice their items are! 

Lots of love



  1. I Love this site...good quality timely delivery and very good customer service

  2. Anyone know a good site for Christian louboutin heels ?