Friday, July 8, 2016

Burgundy Celine Nano Bag and LV Insolite Wallet

Here are reviews from another blogger,They bought the bags and wallets from Fallfashion.they all look fabulous!


I decided to try an order a handbag from fallinfashions for the first time to see how it 

would compare to authentic handbags. I bought the Celine nano luggage in burgundy

made with real calf leather and gold hardware. When my bag arrived I was extremely

happy with the results and the quality. The handbag was sturdy and the stitching was

 perfect, the hardware inscription was the exact same as the authentic bags. The bags 

proportions were also exact to the original ones and the interior was 

well crafted.Overall very happy with the product and will for sure order again .

another review for LV wallet

I am so glad that I took the chance and ordered with Fallin Fashion! I have ordered 

replica bags from a different site, and in comparison these bags excelled my 

expectations! I ordered an LV Insolite Wallet, I cannot tell you how beautifully made this

 wallet was! The wallet came in its own box, with a dust bag, the wallet felt extremely 

sturdy, great quality and I could not find one error with it. Also it literally couldn't have 

been easier ordering from this business either! Mel was so nice and helpful, I sent an 

email asking questions and they were extremely responsive. I really also like how they 

send you pictures of each item and wait for your approval before shipping--that is some 

serious customer service!! I'm just really impressed over all, and I will be submitting 

another order again very shortly. Thank you so much for everything!