Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Prada Saffiano Top-Handle 33cm Tote 2274 in Blue From Fallinfashion

Here are review that melody(www.fallinfashionbags.com) send me,she said this was review from her customer.she send me screenshot of their emails too .Here are review from their customers.

Below is my review.

Received the Prada Blue, Medium 2 zip tote I ordered from Melody at Fallinfashion today. The Bag was as described and of excellent quality. I have attached photos so all reading this Blog can see the product I received. The box it was inside was of good quality, though not the same as the original from Prada, at least not the one they use here in the US, but all the same, quite nice. 
The handbag is inside a flannel dust bag and was packaged adequately for shipment. Included with the handbag was the accessory key holder and shoulder strap. All of the hardware, zippers and Prada emblems are very close to original, including the detail related to how the "R" in Prada should be shaped. The Saffiano leather is of good quality, one small flaw on the finish of the front side of the bag, that goes unnoticed without very close scrutiny. The bag will get these blemishes with use in any event, so not of concern to me. The bag arrived with a small tear in the lower corner of the front side piping between the bag front and side panels, but I easily repaired this with a very small application of superglue on the end of a toothpick.
For the price point, this bag is exceptional quality and very close to original . Most noticeable to those who know what to look for in spotting an original versus replica. Easiest to spot on the application of the Prada emblem on the front of the bag when you examine the corner stitches, the originals have no back stitching. Last observation and probably a minor issue to most, the included warranty card and certificate of authenticity where not for this model handbag .  Honestly, why bother, the bag is a replica and these documents are useless to all except those trying to deceive the recipient, or themselves. Enjoy the item for what it is, a beautiful handbag to be used and enjoyed at an exceptional price point.

Here are pre-shipment photos 

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