Friday, June 24, 2016

Replia Hermes Birkin 30cm Blue Togo Leather Bag

Here is another Fabulous birkin bags i got.

I’m talking about this 30 cm Hermes Blue Birkin in Togo leather with Gold hardware. The bag is from Jess (fallinfashion)too.

my husband bought me a Hotpink clemence leather Birkin bag before. It is one of my absolute favorite bags in my collection.My hotpink bag is still in good condition and the leather still smells brand new.It’s weird, but every time I take the bag out I get excited. It was the bag I kept telling I am the lucky one ,and I was lucky enough to get it from my honey .It might not be the most romantic Hermes bag story in history.My friends and you all have must stories to go with them,would you share with me ?

my collection of Hermes bags has to grown,  I decide to get the blue Togo Leather .

Jess's Birkin gets an easy 5/5. My hotpink bag is still in good condition and the leather still smells brand new after use.I do think it will stay good than my expentation. 
I feel like no mater you like design of the Birkin or you don’t. people feel very strongly to own one. and I absolutely adore that who own it.Hermes is known for the craftsman and the work done on the Birkin is impeccable.Jess 's quality are the best on i have ever seen.Every stitch is placed with care and every material is high quality. everything is very smooth and cleanly finished,they are no ridges and bumps to the hardware.every detail are spot on and in good quality.

I'm more than satisfied!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Delightful MM and Damier Ebene Neverfull MM and Multiple Wallet

Here's review of Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Delightful MM and Damier Ebene Neverfull MM and Multiple Wallet from Mel of Fallinfashion,This review was sent in by a reader. Thank you for taking the time to share!



I am so glad that I took the chance and ordered with Fall In Fashion! I have ordered replica bags from a different site, and in comparison these bags excelled my expectations! I ordered an LV Multiple Wallet in Damier Graphite, Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene and also the Delightful MM in Monogram Canvas. I cannot tell you how beautifully made these bags are! The wallet came in its own box, with a dust bag, the other bags came in their own dust bags as well. The wallet felt extremely sturdy, great quality and I could not find one error with it. 

Both bags exceeded my expectations. They were beautifully made, pretty much flawless! I did have some difficulty finding the date stamp on the inside of the bags (this often is used to authenticate them) however it was because I didn't know where to look! After I used Google to find the location of the tags in the bags, I found them no problem! All of the prints lined up perfectly, the prints were not faded at all and the canvas and materials used were really quality. Even my mother, the most critical person in the world agreed how well made these bags were! 

It literally couldn't have been easier ordering from this business either! Mel and Jess were so nice and helpful, I sent an email asking them questions for the purchasing process and they were extremely responsive. I really also like how they send you pictures of each item and wait for your approval before shipping--that is some serious customer service! I live in New York and my bags arrive about three days after I completed my order, which was LIGHTENING FAST! I'm just really impressed over all, and I will be submitting another order again very shortly. Thank you so much for everything!