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Review of Small Givenchy Antigona Pebbled Leather Bags From dkpursemall

Small Givenchy Antigona Pebbled Leather Bags From dkpursemall

Here are review from blogger ,this givenchy antigona bag is from dkpursemall(
I don't know they have such good quality givenchy bag. I got emails from blogger fans ask How to tell a fake Givenchy Antigona bag ,is the logo on replica bag crooked?actually i saw logo crooked on authentic too .sometime really can not tell differernce from fake or authentic.

here are review from Karina.

There are many more reviews and videos on the bag now .I do a lot  research and decide to buy from dkpursemall ,as they accept visa card and free shipping.

However, I would like to share with you my honest thoughts and opinions on the bag. If anyone is considering this bag, I hope you will find this review helpful!

People always talking the logo is crooked on replica ,mine are ok .I purchased the small Antigona in the Pebbled leather. I think the mini (new size) is really cute but if I had to repurchase again, I would still stick to the small.

The Antigona comes in two leather types: calf skin (smooth leather) and goat skin (pebbled leather). I decided to go with the goat skin because my biggest concern with the smooth leather was getting scratches on the leather.  
The  goat skin leather is softer to the touch. I think if you want the bag to retain its shape longer, go with calf skin. If you want the bag to eventually have the casual, slouchy look, go with goat skin. 

The leather is all stitched and has no gluing (at least no visible glue). The quality of the leather is impeccable. It is silver hardware on the goat skin (pebbled leather). I personally would have preferred the silver hardware that i don't need to worry about it will fade away.

The zipper is another one of my favorite aspects of the bag (in terms of design). The design of the bag is very simple, so the large zipper is a standout. The quality of the zipper is also great and the zip is very smooth. However, the path of the zipper goes up, across then down due to the shape of the bag and with the top handle always sticking up, sometimes it is difficult to zip the bag with one hand. So functionality wise the zipper and bag design is not so great.


The quality of this bag is really impeccable

Unique design & shape, absolutely stunning in person
Goat skin leather is very scratch resistant in my experience
The bag is roomy and fits a lot of items


Slightly heavy bag

Cloth lining is poorly constructed
Short shoulder straps
Difficult using the zipper with one hand

Overall, I think the bag is sharp and sleek. LOVE IT 


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