Saturday, April 23, 2016

Review of 25cm Hermes Black Clemence Leather Bikin Bag

Hi Girls

Here are review from blog fan ,she bought from Melody .many readers ask me about sellers of High Quality Hermes bag ,I do Highly recommended fallinfashion.I bought many 

bags from them ,all of them are in good quality and in durable leather.maybe sometime the hardware will broken after 1-2 years,but they still provide me HW replacement.I love the way they doing are review from Erica.


I wanted to share a review of my Birkin that I bought from fallinfashion few weeks took about 3 weeks to get ,Melody told me the bags was made after order,so it took more longer time.This bag is made of Silver Clemence leather,in size 25 cm.

The strap has a craftsman who make it  and the letter of the year it was made which same as can see them on attached photos. Clean stamp and neat stitching,i do think the stamp on my rep is much better than on authentic.

The inside is made of goat leather which is very durable. It has two pockets one with a zipper that stays sideways and has an h stop and another pocket with zipper. They are lined with goat leather as well.
The stitching on the angle is perfect since the bag is sewn by machine ,every stitching was neat.hardware is good without any scratches.lock and all accessories all here .

I am so pleased with my order.When I received it in the mail, it turned out to be even better then I expected when I purchased it my bag

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  1. Wow so fantastic all purses color specially black is my best colors.