Thursday, March 24, 2016

Half-hand Sewn Hermes Birkin bag 35cm in White Clemence Leather

Half-hand Sewn Hermes Birkin bag 35cm in White Clemence Leather

Below Half-hand White Clemence Birkin bag is from Fan and belonged to a blog readers, this bag looks really good,here are review from her.


I received this beautiful today and couldn't be happier! Got it from Melody/Fallinfashion. This is Half-hand sewn/stitch and just amazing. 

The leather smells the closest to authentic H that I have encountered.

I got the pre-shipment photos from Melody before shipment, this is my first Hermes and first time pay such a bit amount on replica.I was getting nervous.Melody was extremely friendly and the package was shipped quickly.

First of all, when I opened the package, an Orange box awaits with stickers at the sides that says Hermes in various languages and description. 

The box came with ribbons tied as with an auth purchase from the store.

Opening up the box,  the smells is closest to auth H that I have encountered:p ,bag comes with dust bag.

I touched the leather. It has a certain good thickness to it and was so smooth,there was card,lock inside the bag.

Next the stamp - it was clean neat and had the correct font size. 

I used to think that Fallinfashion has the ultimate quality, but when I saw this, I felt that I went a little higher. And now at that quality, it seems hard to settle for anything else lower.

Ok, the overall is I LOVE the bag!!! 

Can't wait to use this bag for the first time!Beautiful bag and a reasonable price. It looks hand stitched to me and the logo is crisp, leather is lovely and hardware looks great. 

This is very nice, hand stitched, bees wax, logo is pretty spot on, very accurate stitching, plus the stamping is fine. It really varies on the leather. I have seen,touched authentic Birkin not all stamping are clear. I am absolutely have no knowledge about Hermes before this purchase. My review is based on doing extensive research online so you guys are welcome to give me more opinions.


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  1. Would you mind sharing the cost of this bag and where did you order from? Thanks!

  2. Would you mind sharing the cost of this bag and how to go about placing an order. Thanks so much!

    1. it is from

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