Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bad Review on

Hi Sarah,

 I recently purchased my keepall 45 Macassar from my 5th purchase and was a bit upset. It looks great, but the luggage tag and buckle for the handles looked like a 2 year old cut it. The Louis Vuitton hot stamp on the side was barely imprinted and was on the wrong side. Facing forward towards you it should be on the left side. Mines was on the right. And the handles had a bunch of indents. Very upset because I spent $300 then I saw this website you recommended and saw the damier keepall for half the price, smh )=

Thank you for your time,

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Half-hand Sewn Hermes Birkin bag 35cm in White Clemence Leather

Half-hand Sewn Hermes Birkin bag 35cm in White Clemence Leather

Below Half-hand White Clemence Birkin bag is from Fan and belonged to a blog readers, this bag looks really good,here are review from her.


I received this beautiful today and couldn't be happier! Got it from Melody/Fallinfashion. This is Half-hand sewn/stitch and just amazing. 

The leather smells the closest to authentic H that I have encountered.

I got the pre-shipment photos from Melody before shipment, this is my first Hermes and first time pay such a bit amount on replica.I was getting nervous.Melody was extremely friendly and the package was shipped quickly.

First of all, when I opened the package, an Orange box awaits with stickers at the sides that says Hermes in various languages and description. 

The box came with ribbons tied as with an auth purchase from the store.

Opening up the box,  the smells is closest to auth H that I have encountered:p ,bag comes with dust bag.

I touched the leather. It has a certain good thickness to it and was so smooth,there was card,lock inside the bag.

Next the stamp - it was clean neat and had the correct font size. 

I used to think that Fallinfashion has the ultimate quality, but when I saw this, I felt that I went a little higher. And now at that quality, it seems hard to settle for anything else lower.

Ok, the overall is I LOVE the bag!!! 

Can't wait to use this bag for the first time!Beautiful bag and a reasonable price. It looks hand stitched to me and the logo is crisp, leather is lovely and hardware looks great. 

This is very nice, hand stitched, bees wax, logo is pretty spot on, very accurate stitching, plus the stamping is fine. It really varies on the leather. I have seen,touched authentic Birkin not all stamping are clear. I am absolutely have no knowledge about Hermes before this purchase. My review is based on doing extensive research online so you guys are welcome to give me more opinions.


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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Replica Blue Celine Luggage Mini Tote and Yellow Phantom Bag and Yellow Trio Shoulder Bags and Hermes Kelly Man Bag

Here are review that melody( send me,she said this was review from her customer.she send me screenshot of their emails too .Here are review from their customers.


I have ordered 4 bags so far from Melody, and so far both the quality of the bags and service is impeccable. 

This website was the first time for me to buy replica bags from the internet, but Melody was very helpful and she communicated all the process in timely manner, very trusty and reliable! 

The shipping cost is a bit expensive, but worth it, packaging is always perfect and arrive very quickly. Highly recommended. 

I am already planning my next purchase, definitely will buy again from Melody.



Blue Celine Luggage Mini Tote

Celine Trio Shoulder Bag

Yellow Phantom Bag

Hermes Kelly Cowskin Man Bag

Friday, March 4, 2016

Replica 26cm Navy Celine Belt Bag from DKpurseshop

 here are review from blog reader Wendy .she bought from dkpurseshop,she loves her new bag a lot,the bag looks really good .

I have to say even if i rates a replica bag with five stars, this doesn’t mean the bag can pass authentic. People’s opinions are the result of replica bag will be 100% same as original .but some bags are with small or unnoticeable flaws. here are review and photos from her.

I have bought from Dick for many times after i saw your blog ,and I have never had a problem with him!they are amazing! this bag is available on their site for $420 including shipping .i paid by western union since you recommend their site though they accept credit card payment. i don't mind any payment methods at least they are trust sellers.Dick replied my email fast and promptly. he answered my any questions .it took 1 day i get tracking no ,shipping was fast ,i got it within 4 days.the bag is in good condition ,come with box,dust bag .all of them are packed well.leather feel soft .hardware is heavy .the bag come with long strap .i love the size.i am going to take out to see my friends,they would love it .

here are some photos