Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hermès Kelly Half Sewn Orange Togo Leather from Fallinfashion

Hi Girls

here is Hermès Kelly bag i am going to share with you .The bag was bought by one of my best friends who was kind enough to let me borrow it for a few days (i even got to carry it for some hours to test it woohoo!).i can't help sharing it with you all.The one in picture is the 20 sized the way she bought from fallinfashion.

the bag has a very nice structure, the leather is firm and soft and it feels really nice touching it. Exactly like on the original Hermes Kelly bag, the hardware is in good quality too. It shines very nice and it does not have any imperfections. The stitching pattern is good. The spaces between the stitches are even and there are no imperfections there. But even if there were, it shouldn’t be considered a very big problem as all the Hermes bags are hand sewn so they shouldn’t look like they machine type ones.

one problem is the bag doesn't come with lock and key ,i don't why.they said original hermes kelly don't have either. it doesn't mind.The engravings are good, they are clean and visible and also present in all the correct places. I like very much how the zippers work, they run smooth with no catching. At the end of the zippers there is the correct “H” ending them, exactly like on the original Hermes Kelly. The handle is short and sturdy and the leather has the same color like the bag. It also has a long strap that can make the bag more comfortable  The inside of the bag is made from a different type of leather,Melody said it is lambkin leather. it is still blue but it is soft. It has a pocket inside and one zipper look as good as the ones on the exterior.

  the leather is firm and the bag can perfectly stand on its own

my friends told me it came with box ,dust bag,raincoat ,ribbon

tidy stitching

clean stitching

the side of bag looks good ,the shape is good

 hardware shines very nice and it does not have any imperfections

stamp looks not that perfect on this bag,but you can not see it until you open flap

 long strap

good stamp on strap 

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