Saturday, January 23, 2016

Replica Celine Burdundy and Beige Mirco Luggage Tote from DKpurseshop

This lovely Cline Mirco is from Blog reader Talisha ,she bought it from DKpurseshop.the color combined looks good on the bag .


Review :

This celine bag was an instant love. I bought her from Dick of DK purse. I paid $350 
including shipping.Dust bag is very thick and high quality. No chemical smell at all. It 
smells like high quality rich leather.Leather is very soft and the zipper is very smooth.leather lining is soft and high quality. 
logo looks very good too.Not faded at all and its stamped on the correct spot. 
I'm very happy with it.I  couldn't find any difference between this one and the authentic. It's very much spot on. My sister bought the authentic one and we compared them side by side! No difference.We had a hard time telling them apart! 
She ended up returning hers:D and get new one from Dick.
i recommend you all buy celine bag from Dick ,as it is really in good quality.


it is really good bag .

From what I know,all sellers will on CNY holiday soon.

CNY is often a time where several factories give their workers a long holiday break. 

So if you're thinking about ordering, I would suggest doing it now so it's well before the 

holiday rush and you get your stuff on time!


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