Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hermès Birkin Machine Sewn Hotpink Clemence 30cm from Fallinfashion

Hi Girls

how is the holidays? did you have a wonderful trip or Family Gathering?

The first blog of new year will be this bright pink Birkin. It seems the authentic rise up their price for new year ,i don't think i have that much money to get authentic one now.good quality replica are my favorite.
this is gift from my husband ,i chose from fallinfashion,my husband paid it .Thanks for so lovely gift.bright color for new year!

Fallinfashion team is my favorite sellers,they are great seller,Jess has a lot experience with replica ,she is trustworthy and reputable.her replica are better than many sellers .though a lot you who authentic and faux designer handbags ,will notice the smallest flaws.remember the bags we buy are replica ,there will be indefect on authentic too.I i feel appreciatively every time when i got my bag.they are all in good condition .

just receive the items from them .all of them are good ,i am going to show you more detail .

here are my bikin in a gorgeous color.

The first thing I noticed is the color, WOW!!! It really is this colorful for new year!

 Silver lock and keys,key tag 

the bag looks stiff and in good shape even it is empty inside.

good quality hardware with clear and tidy logo

neat stitching and well done edge for erevywhere

the leather fell still but touch softly

 so overall i 'd say this birkin replica was a good purchase ,what do you girls thinks?

I hope this review is helpful for those who are looking to purchase a birkin bag. Happy shopping!


  1. hello. lovely purse.
    What is name of the website u bought it from?

  2. HI.thanks for share this ,i like this ,style are looks good far ,i suggest to all of my friends to buy this bag ,i also suggest for buy beautiful thread wallet from my site here wallet wallet

  3. thank you for this information is very helpful article I My
    warmest greetings :D

    signature : mesin kangen water

  4. Your bag is beautiful, and it's great to learn about another seller that's good and reputable. I have had great experience with Vanco (11 bags) until a couple weeks ago. Bought the Damier Ebene Neverfull GM. I received the wrong size (22") and the straps were plastic. I received one email response, then nothing. Customer service was great until one problem. I offered many ways to resolve the issue, still haven't heard back and it's been a month. Amazing how they are willing to lose a good customer over a fixable situation. Business must be pretty good lol. So now I am looking for a new seller. Thanks!