Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hermes Birkin 35cm Colorblock at $200 range Review

Hey Girls, Here is the review from on of my friend Julie about the Hermes birkin bag at about $200 range from Fallinfashion. I usually order the OQ Hermes from them and never purchased the normal quality. From the photos of Julie's bag,it is nice and favorable for its price. 


I haven't done a review in so long! Hello again everyone.

It is practically impossible to find a rep of that caliber for in the 200 range these days. 
I heard Fallinfashion had a decent birkin rep for the 200 range so I decided to try her for one.
I noticed they have the original quality ones which are about $900 for the machine sewn.I am still saving up to buy one.

I originally ordered the Blue with brown .Once I got the preshipment photos,I hated the way it looked.
And asked them to change to another color.

She argued with me for a little bit since she was not able to return the bag to the factory. 
I did not know that factories are not allowing sellers to return bags if we happen to hate the pre-ship photos. 
surprised I think that is ridiculous.But i think it is how the Chinese rep market work.
The factory doesn't allow the supplies to return the bag for no reason.Thanks to Jess,she managed to communicate with the factory and change the color for me finally.

I am so happy I did because it is a beautiful bag. Still not 100% perfect but close enough. 
I live in NYC and did not want a birkin that screamed rep so easily. 

Customer service was good. She was responsive in a timely manner and very helpful 
No Box.
Leather is great,very soft.
Indentations are pretty good overall all and everywhere except the zipper which is annoying but whatever.  
Also no indentations on inside strap where stamps are.
Shape is spot on: clean edges, well proportioned, long thin handles.
Thread is very thick, neatly done, diagonal and clean.
Silver hardware is sharp and shinny.

No box.

Overall:  I definitely would buy from Fallinfashion again and already planning my next purchase. 
Jess, She's great and provided good customer service.I think their original quality Hermes will be very high quality.I will get one for my Christmas gift.

Again, the journey for rep is never quick, easy or straight forward so the ability to be flexible, patient, and open minded is always necessary.  It's why I love and hate the whole game. Razz  Razz 

Sorry for so many pictures! Love this bag way too much!!  As always, let me know your opinions and thoughts! 

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