Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review of My Dimgray and Yellow Celine Nano Bag

Hey girls 

today i want to share with you about my CELINE Nano bag.

i bought it from Melody (fallinfashion),it cost me about $330 including shipping cost.Melody offered me discount and send me coupons which it is good.i can save some cost for my next bags.

the bag comes with long strap,you can wear it cross body or shoulder bag.

The stitching of the bag is neat and perfect. Each stitch is perfectly spaced apart following a very strict pattern. Also, if you pay attention to the entire design of the bag you will notice that the stitching follows and defines every line and shape of this elegant purse.

As an overall impression of this Celine replica, I must admit that it is a pretty decent imitation especially within this price range. It is made from a very good quality leather, hardware ,has the correct type of inside leather lining, the authenticity markings are correctly replicated and it has the perfect size and weight.

I’d like to note that the CELINE nano is my favorite CELINE model because it is so petite and functional.

here are detail photos,let me know what is your thought.


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    1. They accepted credit card before. Now they don't. I almost buy all my bags from them. They are professional.