Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Purse Valley Review Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier

Here is the review from one of my blog-readers about the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier. Personally i never purchased from Purse Valley since I read many negative reviews about them.

Hi sweetie, 

This is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier I received last week from Pursevalley.
Sorry to be a downer but in all honesty this rep of Louis Vuitton  Neverfull MM Damieris very obvious and is actually a very common mid grade neverfull I often see people carrying around but they do not meet my standard for qualifying as a decent rep because they share some very consistent yet distinctive flaws but we are all here to learn and this is why I'm here to share knowledge to help everyone in their hunt for a beautiful rep. First of all, about the damier ebene colouring the authentic canvas also varies from being yellowy to more warm and more rosey.  This bags only pro is the leather trim is good however below are the main reasons why I rate this bag 3/10.

1.  Handle straps/handle base:  First thing that screams fake on most rep neverfulls are the bases of the handles in regards to the shape and how they taper into the strap,  there are very few sellers who have the shape correct however they can be close to it and the shape is very distinctive…it must be bulbous with the widest part at the centre of the leaf which taper in a certain way and where it tapers must taper very sharply into a thin strap.   Yours are way too small and short as thé "V" stitch on the base tab looks like it is half way down whereas on a well shaped base tab it will be closer to the top around 2/3 up, they also don't taper skinny enough into the strap so the part between the strap and base is too wide… however this is very common on mid grade replicas and its the first thing I always notice. 

2.  Drawstring length:   your side leather drawstrings should be nearly reaching the base of your bag, so they need to be 2/3 longer.  This is also common in mid grade reps. Also your drawstring leather tabs (ones attached to the bag holding the drawstrings are the wrong shape,  they are too wide and curve too much before they taper; the shape like the handle base is very specific.  

3. Indentation:   all neverfulls have indentation on all parts of the vachetta, although damier ebene ones are more faint,  they are noticable and present.   Yours are missing them altogether.

4. Interior leather heatstamp:   wrong font and size.   The stamping should be fine and clear as well and although your O is the right shape as the O needs to be a perfect circle not an oval,  the R is wrong as it needs to be tight where the legs meet, as the legs should be closer together. 

5.  Interior clip above zippered pocket should not touch the pocket at all, it should hang around half an inch above the very top of the leather zippered compartment. Yours is hanging far too low reaching the zipper

There are actually more flaws on the bag but the ones I've mentioned are just the biggest flaws ive brought to your attention and hope you don't mind my honest critique!  I think its important as a rep buyer to be aware of flaws. So you are more vigilant for a better rep and there is always room for improvement but its always a big step and milestone to your first rep purchase and always takes guts!!

More photos of the bag:

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