Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review of Blush Chole Drew Chain-Trim Mini Shoulder Bag

Review of Blush Chole Drew Chain-Trim Mini Shoulder Bag

Hey Girls 

I would like to share my new Blush Chole Drew Chain-Trim Mini Shoulder Bag with you all.

There is a new IT bag in town! The Chloe Drew is what’s hot on the street for 2015 This beautiful shoulder bag is made in Italy and comes in three sizes; medium, small, and mini.
The small and mini Chloe Drew are pure shoulder bags with a classic chain strap. The medium version offers an additional top handle adding a small satchel option to the handbag. While the medium version has a lot of “IT” factor, the small and mini are the most popular sizes on the street.

I get my bag in blush color and Mini size ,I was thinking to choose black color that it hides the scratches or defective better.but i have too many black colors bags.Melody told me the blush color looks better than black .Melody is right,the bag look it is really so beautiful in blush  ,the bag looks flawless,leather feels great,the chain strap and hardware are shiny and sturdy .they come with protect film during shipment.there is no scratches at all. Love the size of this bag and was extremely pleased with the quality. Have received numerous compliments on the shape.

If you are an IT bag seeker like me, here are a few beautiful Chloe Drew handbags for spring 2015 I found around the web. I hope you find the Chloe Drew of your spring 2015 dreams! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous .

here is the screenshot of authentic bag ,my bag just looks the same as it.

Here are more photos of my bag,do you think the color is cute?

The bottom of the bag:

The trim is smoothly:

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

LV Babylone PM Review from Joanne

Hi There!

This is the first time I am doing a review.  Have been reading your blog for quite some time.  Today, I just got a LV Babylone PM which I bought for $460 from Jess of Fallin2fashion4.  I have been to the LV shop to look at the authentic Babylone. I can say this replica is really great.  The hardware, stitches are exactly same as the authentic. The only regret is the colour tone is abit darker than the authentic.  Do give me your comments!

Best Regards

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Machine Sewn Hermes Lindy Bag 34cm in Grey and Orange Clemence Leather

Machine Sewn Hermes Lindy Bag 34cm in Grey and Orange Clemence Leather

Hey Girls

I am sure we all can agree that the Hermes bag is not a trendy bag, it is a necessary one. It is a purse that many women dream of having. Who can blame us? It is an easily recognizable and iconic model that looks divine and expresses luxury and style.Are there cheaper designer handbags that can substitute the Hermes bag? Probably there are, but none of them would match the quality and design that you will enjoy. And at the end, it’s not a Hermes bag, so you will never be satisfied. But if you cannot afford the original one , you will surely be tempted by the prospects of buying a replica,For me ,replica is not a bad choice.

Many Readers ask me about fallinfashion's Hermes bag before.they said they saw many photos of Hermes on Jess's blog ,and they are all gorgeous .but they want to make sure with me before purchase.I’m saving up to buy my first piece from Jess 3 weeks ago, and I’m not sure if it should be the Lindy or Picotin Lock . I love them both so much! I love the Birkin and the Kelly, which of course are also my list of desires,I didn’t like the Lindy when it first came out until seeing it Modeled by a forum member 1 years ago .I change my mind .I have been eyeing a Lindy for a while,I decide to buy one.Finally ,I got my Lindy bag.It took about 15 days to make both bags but it was worth the wait.

The Hermes Lindy bag is available in size 26, 30 and 34. I choose size 34.Here are the bag i get from jess.I have to say her quality is better than those i purchase from other sellers.I have 2-3 birkin bags from other sellers,but i don't think they are same quality ,here are detail photos of my Lindy

the bag come with Orange Hermes box,dust bag,Hermes card,Ribbon,raincoat etc.

Good quality canvas dust bag

the bag look like below when you carry it by 2 top handle

 Front View,Light Grey and Orange Clemence leather

Front View,2 zippers open to a roomy interior

Golden hardware,with clear stamp,neat stitching

neat stitching ,Matching Sewn

2 other slip pockets outside (also on the sides)

Double side rolled handles (about 5.5″ drop) ,

and a flat shoulder strap (about 11″ drop) connecting the handles, creative design for both handheld and shoulder carry

Five protective feet on spacious bottom,

smooth zipper

"U " symbol ahead the stamp ,which make my bag special.I know there are many people carrying this popular bag.this will make my bag special.

2 slip pockets inside on the side walls,as you can see a very spacious bag,
Open the bag to find out how roomy it actually is. It has enough space to carry your laptop and your entire Harry potter book collection.

 The Hermes Lindy is a stylish and super functional bag with double sided compartments so you can keep your stuff separate and organized. I love how it collapses in the center when empty but expands to hold all the essentials a girl needs to look gorgeous throughout the day. The shoulder strap is long enough for me to throw over my body as a messenger, if I need to carry other paper bags. This will be awesome when shopping!

The replica I am reviewing is a decent one from fallinfashion and frankly it could pass as the original one in any given situation. If you view my photos I am sure that you too will fall in love with it.the bag is such a sophisticated and understated bag, I really like it. It’s functional, strong and easy. Whether I take out my summer white dress or wear my black slouchy pants, it will somehow match. Maybe that’s why they are so pricey, Hermes bag are easy the play with.

:) I like the color too. All round, a perfect bag!