Friday, August 21, 2015

Warning for Designer Disreet

Hi,everyone :
     I received a message from one friend:
     Warning for Designer Discreet. It is a SCAM. They stole my money. I was so skeptical about buying replica bag and after I read a blog I decided to take a chance and order from Designer Discreet because it was so highly recommend and great. It has been 14 days since I paid for a bag. All I got was a fake tracking number and now now they are just ignoring my e-mails. They never sent the bag. I am so sad and disappointed this happened. Everyone! BEWARE OF DESIGNER DISCREET! IT is a SCAM! They will steal you money.


  1. Yes! I finally received my bag from Designer Discreet after nearly 3 weeks. I ordered a LV Softlokit MM and I am extremely happy with it. It looks exactly like the original. They too don’t use credit card nor PayPal, just Western Union so I was very skeptical and concern. The only down side to ordering from Designer Discreet in my experience is that they are very slow in their order processing. But in my case it was a lot of shipping complications. When 14 days passed and could not track my order and I did not get a package, I panicked, I taught I had been scammed. But it turned out that I only had a wrong tracking number. The bag is perfect and the quality is excellent. Just be prepare to Wait if you order from Designer Discreet. Good luck :-)

  2. Does anyone know Designer Discreet's new email? Thanks :) I heard they had the best LVs