Friday, August 21, 2015

Review of Prada Mini size Saffiano cuir leather tote

Review of Prada Mini size Saffiano cuir leather tote

Hi All
Recently i love purchasing new design bag.I am getting crazy for bags,I order bags every
week.Spend more and more money on them.enjoy shopping with Melody.
Melody(fallinfashion) always offer me best price and service.of course the fast shipping.I don't have the feeling that i buy them from China.
here are the bag i got ,Prada Mini size Saffiano cuir leather tote.
Same as before ,the bag arrives with good condition,the leather is soft and no chemical smell at all.special color,comes with box ,dust bag,card ,Shoulder strap,KeyHolder .The stitching and logo is neat and tidy.
Here are photos of my bag ,tell me your thougths about it:


  1. What color is this? I've always wondered what the mini version looks like on a person as I think the larger one is 33cm which looks sloppy and huge, so I thought maybe this would look better bUT how do you think it looks on you? Does it look ridiculously too small? It would be really helpful if you are able to photo your body holding the bag, as I cannot find a single pic on Google of anyone holding or using the mini cuir.
    Also have you purchased any other prada saffiano bags with fallinfashion before? Ive been interested in buying a saffiano top handle or a cuir from them buy they don't have many pics on their site, with the saffiano leather it's very important to take the pics I'm natural light as well cause the leather color could look completely in person than pic. I asked them if they could just send me a couple more pics, off closeup hardware, bag in natural lighting, and the top part that's usually piped and could look rubbery if done poorly, but Melody told me she can Wil only send pics after payment. I understand when they say they can't send pics until after payment only because they say they don't have stock there, and can only have the product there once payments made by buyers and then sent to them then they can send pics of post shipment, but to me that's a bit risky, as in.. what if I don't like the photos they've sent after payment/post shpiment? Then I would have to cancel, wait for refund.. and refund would take ages since they only take bank transfer and WU. Anyway after this long post, my question is.. is this seller trustworthy enough to just pay first then wait for more pics?


  2. Hi! is the texture of the leather of this replica same with the authentic one? Just curious as I havent seen one up close to really notice if the Saffiano crosshatch is similar or not to the authentic. Thanks!