Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hermes birkin 25cm black clemence leather.

 I received a email from my friend. So if you want it,you can email to me.Thanks
I have been following Sarah for quite some time now and have seen many blog posts about people purchasing hermes birkin bags from XXX . I was VERY nervous because it is so much money for a replica but everyone has had such great success that I gave in and made a purchase. It is the Birkin 25cm clemency leather and gold hardware. The bag is GORGEOUS! However... it doesn't match the photos of the bag they said I was actually going to get. Everything seems great with the bag but I feel like the leather toggle that holds the lock and keys is pretty crappy although I've never looked closely at a real firkin to know how it should be. Also, the main issue, is that I asked what stamp Id get and they said R with the square around it. I just personally wanted that and wanted to confirm Id get it, they said yes. So, get the bag and the tag stamp is  different, not even one I've seen an hermes birkin to have. 

 I instantly emailed them and said I wanted to return the bag and they refused. Although the bag itself is correct and what i ordered its not the exact bag they told / showed me I'd be getting. I have hardly heard back from them after emailing them several times for a return and they were trying to convince me that the bag was fine. Do we all see the issue here? It's sad because everyone seemed to have such a positive experience and mine was just so-so.

Anyhow, if any of you ladies would be interested I am looking to sell her around $XX. The final price with all fees and everything was $XX. Im willing to take a small loss. Bag is untouched and perfect in my opinion (minus the stamp in my opinion.) The purchase came with the bag, dust bag, lock and keys (mini dustbag) and the little leather toggle. No box which I thought others got boxes in their purchases but not sure. 

Well, thanks ladies and thank you Sarah for helping me out!!

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