Friday, August 28, 2015

Review of Louis Vuttion Black mini capucines bb

Review of Louis Vuttion Black mini capucines bb

This replica Louis Vuttion mini capucines bb is from Melody at fallin2fahion4.they are my favorite seller.
Actually,this is birthday gift for my friend.many readers ask me about their LV bag before,so I make review before I am sending out.
to tell the truth ,this bag i get is absolutely perfect,My Friend will definitely love her bag.

To make sure the bag all look same as authentic,I went to LV store some day to check the bag before i order.Melody didn't let me down,the bag i get is same as authentic,special the textured leather and lining color.

here are some photos for you all.

 Finished with shiny silver color

Snap hook closur,2 large compartments,1 flat pocket, 1 zipped
pocket that all same as authentic

this Capucines BB comes with a removable long shoulder strap for casual shoulder or cross-body wear

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hermes birkin 25cm black clemence leather.

 I received a email from my friend. So if you want it,you can email to me.Thanks
I have been following Sarah for quite some time now and have seen many blog posts about people purchasing hermes birkin bags from XXX . I was VERY nervous because it is so much money for a replica but everyone has had such great success that I gave in and made a purchase. It is the Birkin 25cm clemency leather and gold hardware. The bag is GORGEOUS! However... it doesn't match the photos of the bag they said I was actually going to get. Everything seems great with the bag but I feel like the leather toggle that holds the lock and keys is pretty crappy although I've never looked closely at a real firkin to know how it should be. Also, the main issue, is that I asked what stamp Id get and they said R with the square around it. I just personally wanted that and wanted to confirm Id get it, they said yes. So, get the bag and the tag stamp is  different, not even one I've seen an hermes birkin to have. 

 I instantly emailed them and said I wanted to return the bag and they refused. Although the bag itself is correct and what i ordered its not the exact bag they told / showed me I'd be getting. I have hardly heard back from them after emailing them several times for a return and they were trying to convince me that the bag was fine. Do we all see the issue here? It's sad because everyone seemed to have such a positive experience and mine was just so-so.

Anyhow, if any of you ladies would be interested I am looking to sell her around $XX. The final price with all fees and everything was $XX. Im willing to take a small loss. Bag is untouched and perfect in my opinion (minus the stamp in my opinion.) The purchase came with the bag, dust bag, lock and keys (mini dustbag) and the little leather toggle. No box which I thought others got boxes in their purchases but not sure. 

Well, thanks ladies and thank you Sarah for helping me out!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Review of Prada Mini size Saffiano cuir leather tote

Review of Prada Mini size Saffiano cuir leather tote

Hi All
Recently i love purchasing new design bag.I am getting crazy for bags,I order bags every
week.Spend more and more money on them.enjoy shopping with Melody.
Melody(fallinfashion) always offer me best price and service.of course the fast shipping.I don't have the feeling that i buy them from China.
here are the bag i got ,Prada Mini size Saffiano cuir leather tote.
Same as before ,the bag arrives with good condition,the leather is soft and no chemical smell at all.special color,comes with box ,dust bag,card ,Shoulder strap,KeyHolder .The stitching and logo is neat and tidy.
Here are photos of my bag ,tell me your thougths about it:

Warning for Designer Disreet

Hi,everyone :
     I received a message from one friend:
     Warning for Designer Discreet. It is a SCAM. They stole my money. I was so skeptical about buying replica bag and after I read a blog I decided to take a chance and order from Designer Discreet because it was so highly recommend and great. It has been 14 days since I paid for a bag. All I got was a fake tracking number and now now they are just ignoring my e-mails. They never sent the bag. I am so sad and disappointed this happened. Everyone! BEWARE OF DESIGNER DISCREET! IT is a SCAM! They will steal you money.

Friday, August 14, 2015

How to use WECHAT!

    I found almost BAG seller has WECHAT account.It is very convenience for everyone and easy.It like a website.You can look pics on it and ask the price for seller.. Important, it is very safe safe.
   1.Search WECHAT and download it.
   2.Create an account. You can use any nickname,and you can change it anytime.
   3.If you know other people's account,you can found a button on  top right corner. Click it and you will found add button.
   4.If you want to found seller's pics.You can click the seller's head portrait.You will found her photo album.
   5.If you want to add photo in your wechat. You can click the button on lower right corner. You will found a photo album corner. And you can put pics in it.

That is all I know so far.I will update if I found other things.

Thursday, August 13, 2015



Here I go again.I just completed another purchase from Melody(fallin2fashion4),  celine bag but not luggage bag again ,as i have many colors for it already.
this time is Celine Fall 2014 Belt Bag.MINI BELT BAG IN MINT GRAINED CALFSKIN ,its  size is same as luggage and without shoulder strap.

I was actually shocked in the quality of this bag. The leather felt just like it did when I saw the authentic before.the shape just looked like as authentic.I prefered the bag mostly is its is not heavy as luggage or tie can not see any hardware outside the bag ,which make the bag more lighter.

Dislikes: PRICE!! I think I paid about $450 for it. the price are getting more and more higher for replica bag now.but I wanted the bag so bad that I just went ahead and purchased it. But honestly I'm really glad i did because the quality was superb!!
The quality of replica bag is getting better and better,many of them are worth

here are photos for you