Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mini Lady Dior in Pink Patent Leather Original Quality Review

Hey Girls 

This is the Lady Dior bag I just received from Fallinfashion. It is original quality version. It was quite a bit more expensive than their lower grade/quality ones, but I believe that it's worth it! I've ordered many reps in the past, and I've found that if it's not perfect, I don't look after it, and it just goes to waste. I only want to invest in quality pieces that can pass as original/authentic going forward.

The bag looks much nicer in real life as compared to the pics on fallinfashion site.

It is a mini bag ,the size is Size: W17 x H15 x D8CM

Here are some detailed photos of my bag : 


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  4. When buying new bag inspect it from top to bottom. Buy the best Backpack Brands and open the bag if you must to check the interior. Also examine the seams and the side pockets.

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  7. Does this bag have a soft pearl sheen to it? Do you know if they made an authentic onein the same colour? I am considering making the same purchase but want to know if it will pass as authentic, as it looks a little different to the regular chalky baby pink on I've seen in the Dior boutique.