Thursday, April 2, 2015

Replica Balenciaga Classic city Tote bag in Blush Review

Here is another bag i bought this Feburary.The delivery time took longer this time, usually it takes 7 days here ,this time
takes almost 3 weeks. I do understand it is internaional shipment.After a long-waiting time finally it is in my hand now.

I bought it from Fallinfashion Team. As they provide the excellent customer service always.

The bag is made of calf leather, it is AAAA quality not original quality. 
The original quality bags are made from lambskin leather.I might order the blue color of the original quality next month. 

Even if this is not too close to authentic, i will still rock it cos i'm just so in love with the color and the leather.  

The leather is buttery soft, the zippers works fine.It comes with a dust bag and the mirror.

Overall,it is very good quality for a replica at this price.

Here are the photos :

The dust bag :

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  1. Hi could you send me fallinfashion website this is a lovely bag