Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Louis Vuitton Capucines MM Baby blue with orange lining Original Quality

As promised, I will be reviewing my long-awaited Capucines bag from Fallinfashion/Jess

I chose hers because she is my favorite seller and I can see the quality in her blog pictures, as well as the information she provided.

I always strive for the highest quality I can get my hands on. It was less than $500 with shipping included.

The bag is more gorgeous than the pictures looked.

The weight and thickness of the material--both the leather and the hardware are essentially indistinguishable from what we saw in our boutique

The stitching is consistent with the pictures I've seen on TPF.

The colors and placement of what was visible looked accurate.

The only thing remaining for me are the logos and details of the inside. I have more detail photos, if you are interested you could email me for more.

Everything, especially on the outside, looks pretty much perfect, and I've definitely not seen a better rep. Overall, I would certainly recommend Fallinfashion on this one.

Here are the photos of my Louis Vuitton pumps,I ordered with the bag.I didn't use my camera to take the photos. They are from my cell phone.

The main thing i want to say is the size, the size is true. I am size 37, and it's comfortable and fit my size.

The leather is very good quality.

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  1. What is Jess new URL for ordering? I can't pull it up on the one on here.