Thursday, January 22, 2015

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Lockit MM Bag M40613

Hi Girls!

Here's the bag I got from Jess! After a week delivery, I finally have it. 

-Melody's customer service was AMAZING. I had a request, discussed everything in detail, and she came through. There was a deal that I noticed on their website that wasn't applied to my order, she gave me credit. I didn't like the wallet I initially was going to get (that is in the LV gen chat, pre ship photos), she was able to switch it out. Not once, but twice! I recommend her.
-Good English. That's a big plus.
-stitching is very nice.
-alignment is pretty decent.

I'm no expert, but let me know what you girls think:

The packing dust bag:

The front of the bag:

The logo printed

Stitching is very nice & on point

The lock details:


  1. Hi, question...the red on the edges of the the authentic ones that red also?

  2. Hello, what site you buy this from please?