Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Replica Celine Black and White Mirco Luggage Tote from DKpursemall

Hey Girls

Any plan for holiday?are you ready for holiday ? I hear that the shipping time is longer than before .did you get you parcel? i  just got this replica from DKpursemall,it take about 2 more weeks ,luckily it arrived before holiday.

the bag itself was USD385 and free shipping.the quality ,look and feel of the bag deserve the price ,i have bought from other seller and they have been far worse than this.DKpursemall only sell high quality bag ,they don't offer cheap quality.they are not so many brands on can email them if any bags want to buy ,Dick will reply you soon .

It is just a gorgeous purse,I received it in a beautiful big celine box. ,If you are going to make a  purchase like this,want it feel advice is take your time and do a little research .This bag is gorgeous. It holds everything and looks great with any style , I wavered between the this, the luggage tote and the antigona. Def love it more than the Givenchy.  I would have preferred this bag in black color. The black is a bit boring. So i choose black and white color ,better colors i think. 

the grain leather look and fell very good ,the stitching is clean and look sturdy.the logo outside is in right letter, not thicker.the interior stamp look pretty good and no flaw will be able to see.right suede interior the zip go smoothly.amazing quality!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! 


come with dust bag 

smooth zipper

Suede interior 

Leather Tag

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Machine Sewn Hermes Birkin 35cm in Black Clemence from Fallinfashion

Machine Sewn Hermes Birkin 35cm in Black Clemence from Fallinfashion

There are review from one of my blog reader Jane .the bag looks gorgeous,Great bag for Christmas.

Jane's Review

Thought about making this purchase for months......finally did. 

It was bought from Jess a couple of weeks ago and it has just arrived in the mail. At first, I wasn’t sure that choosing the black color would be right for me, but now after actually seeing the bag I feel more and more confident in my decision. The black grainy textured leather(Clemence leather) that is used for the purse are nice. Just like the original one, the bag is made from Clemence leather which creates a beautiful sense of sturdiness and helps the purse stand by its own without any creases, even when it is empty.

Just as on the original purse, the double handles are manufactured from rolled leather and stitched on the outer part to define their arched shape
The leather is so luxurious looking and you can match the bag with any outfit, simple or dressy. Highly recommended for those who are considering buying an expensive bag.
It was timeless, classic and elegant Gorgeous bag and is well worth the money. i get so many compliments on it whenever i carry it.

I am very happy with my handbag...LOVE!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gucci Reversible GG Leather tote from Fallinfashion

Gucci Reversible GG Leather tote from Fallinfashion

There is no woman on earth that isn’t fascinated by the elegance and style of the beautiful bags. The Gucci brand’s newest success is represented by the launch of the modern and fashionable soho bag. This contemporary bag is perfect for all city gals that want to have a twist of luxury and functionality. I own a perfect white soho bag. now i get another Gucci bag from melody .

This lightweight medium size reversible leather bag, one side is leather and reversible side is GG leather.

I heard many reader said their bags are too heavy for day life.this bag is in light weight,and simple design .simple but functionable,you may consider it.

the leather of bag is soft and light.the stitching of both side are good.all detail are spotted on.printed stamp on leather side is clear and tidy,another side GG symbolic leather.

I used these bags on a recent trip,it worked pretty well .I have carried shoes and a sweater in this bag,the bags that save space are usually handy when we travel for a can change the side with different dress.

Girls,how do you think of this bag? 

here are photos details:

it come with dust bag

GG leather  

 Leather Tag

 clear stamp on leather side

 tidy stitching