Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review Mulberry Alexa Bag Oak from Fallin4fashion2

Hi Girls

I ordered the Alexa bag at last week. It arrived to my home yesterday. They shipped by DHL express.It arrives my home in 5 days only. It is very fast. I dealed with Melody,she is very professional and patient.I have to say they are my first rep seller from now on .So I am quite happy with the purchase.

Let's begin with the bag. I love love love it.I have no complaints with it.

No flaws whatsoever. Check it out for yourself. 

I am dumping in 100's of stuff in there and the bag still holds so well.

Leather is perfect grainy as a bayswater should be and the stitching is flawless. 

Still can't believe its a rep. 

I also bought 2 scarves and shoes from them. Will do another review later.


  1. Hello,

    Sorry if this came through twice! I am very impressed with the bag - I have a authentic Alexa and can not spot and differences! Mine is battered now and I would love this one as a replacement. I have been on the website and there are a couple of Alexa's and I want to be sure I am getting the same one as you, can you please post the link to which bag this is?

    Thank you!

  2. These bags are really very beautiful!! I want to buy handbags which are not too long and basically I would prefer leather handbags, as leather bags have their own grace. So can you suggest me best designer handbags? I would prefer light brown color handbag.