Thursday, October 9, 2014

Celine Luggage Mini Tote Bag Original Quality 30cm in Bicolor Burgundy and Navy

Hi Sarah

I just got my first Celine mini tote from Fallin4fashion2.Thank you for runing such an amazaing blog.

So, i will share this beautiful Celine Mini that i have purchased from Fallin4fashion2.Melody followed up with my order.
She is very nice and careful with my order. The provide excellent customer service.

The bag was $325 excluding shipping.I paid by Western Union.The shipping was 7 days to New York.

The leather is very thich and soft.The bag stands properly when it arrives.

The stitching is straight and nice

The zipper is correctly aligned on top of the pocket.

The handles are short, just like on the auths.the handle fittings are correctly shaped with the trademark tall "cat ears" on both sides of the handle and they are correctly located just beneath the top piece. 

thank you and have fun ladies!


  1. Hi I just got my new celine mini luggage bag in black smooth leather in the mail today. It's completely new and looks amazing. Just got it from jessy bag, but I really want to sell it because I want to buy a Chanel bag instead. Could you please advise where I can sell my celine rep?

    1. ru still selling? if so contact

  2. Two questions, shouldn't it be "Made in Italy" in stead of "MADE IN ITALY"??? And what about the inside, is it true that if the outside is in shine leather then the inside should be in suede?

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