Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review Mulberry Alexa Bag Oak from Fallin4fashion2

Hi Girls

I ordered the Alexa bag at last week. It arrived to my home yesterday. They shipped by DHL express.It arrives my home in 5 days only. It is very fast. I dealed with Melody,she is very professional and patient.I have to say they are my first rep seller from now on .So I am quite happy with the purchase.

Let's begin with the bag. I love love love it.I have no complaints with it.

No flaws whatsoever. Check it out for yourself. 

I am dumping in 100's of stuff in there and the bag still holds so well.

Leather is perfect grainy as a bayswater should be and the stitching is flawless. 

Still can't believe its a rep. 

I also bought 2 scarves and shoes from them. Will do another review later.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Celine Luggage Mini Tote Bag Original Quality 30cm in Bicolor Burgundy and Navy

Hi Sarah

I just got my first Celine mini tote from Fallin4fashion2.Thank you for runing such an amazaing blog.

So, i will share this beautiful Celine Mini that i have purchased from Fallin4fashion2.Melody followed up with my order.
She is very nice and careful with my order. The provide excellent customer service.

The bag was $325 excluding shipping.I paid by Western Union.The shipping was 7 days to New York.

The leather is very thich and soft.The bag stands properly when it arrives.

The stitching is straight and nice

The zipper is correctly aligned on top of the pocket.

The handles are short, just like on the auths.the handle fittings are correctly shaped with the trademark tall "cat ears" on both sides of the handle and they are correctly located just beneath the top piece. 

thank you and have fun ladies!