Friday, September 12, 2014

FENDI 2Jours Mini Shopper Tote Bicolor in Navy Blue Leather Original Quality

Hello lovelies. another bag review from me.  It is the Fendi 2jours mini shopper in navy color.I dealed with Sandy from Fallinfashions Team,She is very patience and nice.

I paid via Western Union and she contacted me with the pre-shipping pictures the next day. 

i was so happy. in my humble opinion, the bag is perfect, i couldn't find any flaws. even if there is, i wouldn't worry that much cos not many is into Fendi from where i come from. Very Happy the leather is yummy, so sturdy and durable, a perfect combination of saffiano (the front part) and smooth leather (the side).

it comes with a long strap which i love, so there's always an option to shoulder it whenever i'm tired of carrying it on my arm. the leather has no funny smell, so that's a plus point. communication with Sandy was a breeze cos her English is great. enough yapping, onto the pictures! btw, i got this for $305 shipped.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Saint Laurent Classic Leather Shoulder Bag in Black

Hi all, I got my pretty Saint Laurent clutch shoulder bag. It is from Melody/Fallinfashions

- shipping and communication was prompt for me. couple days to send me preship photos and one week to deliver to canada. 
I like dealing with Fallinfashions and shes my only go to seller for bags Smile
- There wasn't much of a chemical smell to it
- chains are perfect.  
- Logo printed clearly
-Stitching is nice

-just one thing that made me unsure is that the lining.I know people wont notice it 

It would be a 9 of 10 in my mind. Since it is a rep bag, it is nice enough.