Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fallinfashion Review Celine Luggage Phantom Bag in Light Blue

 Hello Sarah

Thank you so much for creating such a helpful blog. I went through all your posts and have been sourcing high and low for a really really good quality Celine. 

I made the order from Jess/fallinfashions last week. I feel like their sincere in producing quality replicas and the customer service. 

It was $385 so a great price.

  leather is gorgeous, soft & as per auth Celine Phantom
-  The stamping logo correct
-  Front pocket alignment good
-  Stitching is fantastic
-  Thread is great 
-  Measurements correct
-  internal leather and detailing is spot on,real leather lining.

All round a wonderful bag.

Jess was wonderful to deal with. Fast (which is unusual these days), polite and communicative.

Apologies for the bad pics. They are taken beside to my windon in the day light are more representative of the colour.

Happy with this this blue beauty.


  1. I just tried to leave a comment, but I'm new here and may not be doing it right. Lol. Anyway, I think this is a gorgeous bag. I absolutely love Fallinfashions and have ordered two bags from them so far since discovering them just a couple of months ago, and I will be ordering a third in the next few days. In fact, I have this exact baby blue Phantom in smooth leather. After carrying it for a few days, I realized that I should have ordered the Epsom leather because I really beat up my bags, and I'm worried about getting it dirty and scratched. I was considering selling it so that it wouldn't be a total loss but don't know anything about selling replicas, so I'm going to try to handle it carefully for a couple of months and then buy the Epsom leather when I have more flexibility in my budget. (Yes, I've already spent way too much on this newly acquired habit!) I just want to emphasize again that this is a REALLY great site. (I might sound a bit too exuberant, but I was VERY hesitant about buying replicas from sites in China. You hear so much about people getting ripped off, that it's exciting to find someone reliable who offers a great quality product. Plus, I received decidedly disappointing replicas from another site, which I'm not sure if I'm allowed to name them or not?) The customer service at Fallinfashions is fantastic. They're very responsive (and yes, I ask them a lot of stupid questions before "pulling the trigger"), and they ship really fast, like within a day or two. EMS shipping is pricey, but I usually get my bag in about four days after it has shipped. Can't beat that. Best of all, the bags I have purchased so far are accurately represented on the site. Previous bags I've ordered from other sites were described as "calfskin," but when they arrived I found them to be either much stiffer cowhide or even pig skin. The bags I've purchased from Fallinfashions were actually, truly, high quality calfskin. This particular Phantom even has genuine lambskin lining. It's a really lovely bag. Very nice hardware, details are spot-on. Just an additional tidbit: I recommend their "Original Quality" bags over the regular ones. The price differential isn't that substantial, and the Original Quality are really decadent with natural leather linings and beautiful hardware.

  2. Hey darling how are you ? Can I have fallifashion email please ? Because I tried to sign up , it's not working

  3. I am not able to visit fallin4fashion can u pls help me with her new website..i really loved ur celine

  4. First of all the logo is all wrong!!!!!!!!!! Phantom bags have heated logo not painted. The intern "Made in Italy" is also not correct. First letter in "Italy" sould be capital. The rest look good but because of the front logo I would spot in a hot second that this bag is a fake :(