Monday, June 23, 2014

Used Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy 35cm Review

Hi 5hong

It is my second review on your blog. I want to share my happy purchase again here.

This is my Monogram Speedy 35cm from Fallin4fashions Team., i purchased last December. Now the color of the leather handle and strap trun honey.I took the photos at my Mum's balcony under the natural light.

It's a hard decison for me to choose the 30cm or 35cm.And I chose the 35cm
at last.It is a classic bag,i can wear it everyday to any occasion.

After several months,it still looks very new and perfect.It looks like even better than the time i open it.I am quite happy with the quality. 

It was very well packed with the louis vuiton dust bagd and the box.

There are two zipper pulls,the zipper is easy to zip and easy to unzip.

The lock on the zipper i can lock it here, i like the way it looks here.

Date code is under the pocket,i didn't take the photo on it.

Photos will say everything: 


  1. I am interested

  2. I can't seem to get onto the fourm or email the mod.
    I just wanted to let people know I have order from both Sandy and Fallinfashions and they're both hit and miss at this point. Not 100% but not bad.
    My first order was from Sandy, a Epi Leather Neverfull, BEAUTIFUL found nothing wrong with it except it did not come with cards. Second order was a Monogram Canvas GM neverfull, not good not bad... It would be deemed a shit replica to the trained eye; it is missing its date stamp, no cards, i'm questioning whether or not it is leather since it smells like plastic and the interior is just hard... I assumed it would be as nice as the epi leather.
    Fallinfashions was great for the fact they allowed me to use aliexpress to pay with CC... I ordered a Monogram canvas MM NF and a Damier Azur MM NF. The monogram canvas felt perfect, actually felt and smelled of leather but some of the trims were a little sloppy, everything else great. The Damier Azur seems perfect.

    So in all, I must say, different bags with the same seller are different quality.
    I will NOT buy another monogram canvas ANYTHING from Sandy, other items yes, but not that.

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