Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Louis Vuitton Petit Noe NM EPI Leather in Yellow M40839

This is a gorgeous bag, i love it's sexy colour. I am absolutely happy with it.It is the original quality one.It is from Jess/

Overall Rating: 9/10 i am very happy with how it looks, it is absolutely gorgeous and cute.

* Seller Communication :  Communication was excellent. Commendable.

* Shipping: 10/10 took only 3days to get to my place (i live in Asia). This bag came by EMS express.

* Payment: 9/10 paid via WU, i got the Western Union discounts.

* Packaging: 8/10 the outer packaging was packed well and secured. The bag came out in a perfect condition

* Others/ Flaws : 
- No strong chemical smell.
- Hardware are quickly scratched.
- Hardware weight is firm and thick compared to authentic .  
- Tiny wrinkle at the strap. Does not concern me because it cant be seen really.
- Some stitches were sloppy at the straps, at the key holder.
- LV embossed on the hardware is clear and nice.
- LV prints on the epi leather was decent.
- Glue on the straps are off.

Let the photos speak it : 


  1. Wow! Louis Vuitton is one the best designer outfit. Most of my friends always mentioning Louis Vuitton,

  2. Hi just wanted to ask if we could use fake purses to travel from here in the US to canada. I really wanna use my LV Bandoulier damier ebene, but i'm scared about customs regulations. Is it safe to use it for travel?

  3. Hi, just wanted to ask if it is safe to travel from here in the US to Canada and back, using a replica bandouliere bag? Im scared of customs regulations and wanted to ask if its safe. Thanks!

    1. Do you mean, personal use? They have muc better things to do than check for every detail that a fake bag has. Chinatown in NY is famous for replica bags. I think LV does not care at all. The have no hologram or anything in particular, it is all about personal satisfaction.

  4. Is this page now just an advert for fallin4fashions? Most of the recent reviews have been all for them, with a similar writing style and the same kinds of pictures. This makes me distrust this site, where I didn't before, Sarah. Please advise...

    1. I received these reviews recently. If anyone wanna post the reviews please email me.