Monday, April 14, 2014



I really do hope to use your blog to share my experience with fellow buyers n do not let them fall into this scam.

Im an avid follower of your blog n a keen purchaser of hermes, just hermes originals but recently after your blog, i ventured on purchasing hermes w a instagram seller

My first bag from a seller in dubai costs USD3.6k came 1 month after as it had to be made to order ( ostrich 30” ). Throughout the process she kept in contact w me and the bag came eventually-nice. i became more naive n started ordering from another seller.

Because of his tasteful instagram pics n the incredible price difference from other sellers i ordered a SO Black Birkin 35” in Croc for only USD800. After paying by western union to his account in Japan i wasn’t feeling too comfortable n emailed to ask why Japan when your showroom is in China, he said they are also opening a branch in Japan and he was there setting it up

After waiting for 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks the bag never arrive. With only an email address to communicate ( he gave me a lot of excuses that the bag was on its way n that i should be patience. Usually an EMS from China to reach me in Singapore only take no more than 5days. After many emails to him, he then ignored me completely

Please help me share this on your blog and if u need all my emails correspondence n receipt of payment to this seller I’m willing to share. His Instagram was Premium Luxury Orders but changed to Shanghai Luxury Orders when i busted him on instagram as a scammer! He blocked me completely within minutes

Thank you


  1. Oh my god! Yr story is absolutely an wake alarm for all of us, I'm only order from the sites which purse princess listing in here, I'm almost fell into a scam cuz the "to good to be true" price! I'm so sorry hun, 800$ is a lot of money! Thanks for your share

  2. Thanks for sharing an it just shows how many stammers are out there to get us!

  3. What is this guys instgram name? I am sorry for your mega loss. Thanks for the warning.