Friday, April 11, 2014

Prada Saffiano Top-Handle Small Tote 1801 in Royal Blue and Prada Nappa Gaufre Tote Handbag BN1789 Black

Hey there,

Want to also share my experience buying from fallin4fashions.

I went on a crazy shopping spree and bought several bags through Debbie. But not before several self-reproaching worrying moments because of my previous 
experiences with another replica site.

I had previously bought some replicas from Designer Discreet, who seemed to have good reviews, but it was a hit and miss with them.
Their prices are steeper than fallin4fashions and out of the 4 I got, only 1 was a decent replica. So, I was pretty skeptical about Fallin4fashions.

But my worry was unfounded. I got 3 gorgeous Pradas from fallin, all of them are wonderful replicas. The gaufre has such soft lamb leather and it is 
overall well-made. The hardware, though heavy, is a brighter yellow shade than my original Prada - but that's ok for me. The base is my only 
complain - it is slightly uneven. Would give it a 4/5 because of the base. Here are the pics and note that these are of pre-shipment photos of my handbag 
and not taken from the site.

The other Prada is as good as my original saffiano. Complete 5 stars! Hardware, lining, leather, sturdiness, workmanship are all completely impeccable.
 I would so recommend this to anyone who is contemplating the purchase. In fact, 
after getting the royal blue small tote I went back and got a camel one too.  Would get this in every colour if I have deep pockets!

Here are the pictures of just these 2. Will do a review of the amazing 255 Chanel, ysl and micro Celine that I also bought in another review!

Overall, take this from a crazy handbag gal who has been looking for a reliable replica seller. Would highly recommend fallin4fashions.  
The quality of the bags are good and if there are duds you can always pick them out through the photos and swop them before it gets sent to you.
 I did that for a Prada which I swooped out to a YSL. The payment process with Western Union was slightly inconvenient but Debbie kept me informed 
each step of the way upon receiving my payment what she was doing. Pre-shipment photos came in 1-2 days and the bags got shipped out immediately upon 
comfirmation. I received them in less than 4 days, weekends included!

From a crazy handbag toting gal,


Here are the pre-shipment photos:


  1. I purchased a Prada and Celine from Designer Discreet and it turned out to be great. Emily was super nice.

    I have posted pics on my blog for everyone to check out :)

  2. Do not buy from fallin4fashion/Jess. I placed an order and after seeing pictures of my bag I noticed several flaws. She said her bags are not 1:1 and I would not be happy. She said I would get a refund in about 20 days. No refund on day 20, or 30, or 40, etc. each time I contacted her she said refunds take time but are between the banks, nothing more she could do. I finally had to get reimbursed from my bank, thankfully by originally buying with my VISA. Buyer beware!!! If I would have paid by Money Order I know I never would have seen a penny back!