Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Lovely Dior bag from sellreplicahandbag

Hi 5Hong, Please post my review on your blog, thank you so much!

I just got my first replica bag from Sara (sellreplicahandbag.com).I love them very much .

at the beginning I was very nervous and exited ,cause this is my first order from them.

Sara replied my email very fast and promised to send me photos before shipment.that made me feel more comfortable.

she send me photos in 2 days after i paid.Shipping was really fast and service was very good.

the bag is exactly same as the photos she send me .leather is soft and hardware are heavy.

Overall, the bag has great quality leather and canvas


  1. I heard from my friend that Coach Handbags are cheaper at Tradesy.com than the other ordinary handbags at physical stores. Is it true? Please give your recommendations on it.

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  2. Have u ever order any original Hermes from Sarah? I'm about to order one but kinda confuse about the quality!!! If anyone have order from her plz let me know

  3. Can you pleasse tell me how much did you pay for this one. I mean is it the 1.1 or the other version? I am really confused which one to get.