Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hand swen birkin on sale from H2000H

I received an email from H2000H.There are some hand stitched birkins on sale now!
  It was a very nice bag with correct stitching, including the double stitches on the last 3 stitches of the handles. The leather was very soft to the touch. They compared the hadware with her authentic birkin and couldn't find much difference. Other details were also very accurate including the zipper, stamp, lock and dust bag. Wow! What a perfect bag.
H2000H said that her hand stitch leathers was the best and different from other sellers. Her items were also priced ver inexpensively for the top notch quality she delivers. There are also many beautiful colours in stock. Most importantly, she is able to take special orders to find the perfect colour for every customer

More Pictures :   

User: test ,  password: 123456




  1. Hi sarah Cindy's website does not work anymore do you have her new one? thanks

  2. Hong2000 bag actually not that expensive compare with other site like Jess or Sarah, she's lil bit more compare with Helen! Jess is way too much, her price like up to the sky, so does Sarah!