Tuesday, March 11, 2014

GIVENCHY Medium Antigona bag in navy leather

Hello everyone.

I finally got my Givenchy bag!Jess/Fallin4fashions sent me the preshipment photos in 2 days after i paid.I have to say Jess has great customer service.

First i mpression on this bag was wow it's really one of Jess's well made bags! The shape was not stressed while shipment. They packed the bag very well.
It came to its shape.The leather smell of this bag is soo divine! I can't stop smelling it when I first opened the bag.  The stitching is flawless,the mid logo is correctly.
Still can't believe its a rep. Flashing it all over the town. I have to say that I was so hopeful for this bag.It is so gorgeous.
It is the original quality,the leather is very soft and thick.I think it is worth.Overall I find it to be a great rep.  

Some Photos.


  1. Thats a beautiful bag. Love the navy color.

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