Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Celine Luggage Tote in Colbat Blue from Fallin4fashions By Christy

Hi ladies!

I am Chrisy from New York.This is my very first CĂ©line and also my very first order from Jess. I placed my order with Jess/Fallin4fashion about two weeks ago, while Jess handled everything about shipping etc. 
My order was sent out March 19th and it arrived today ( 25th) in New York through EMS.
I really love their service, everyone's so incredibly nice!

I paid $242 (The original price is $255,5% discounts by Western Union payment)for this one, shipping excluded of course. 

I think this is quite a bargain for the quality of the bag; the leather feels sooooo soft and the zippers are super smooth!   

STUNNING colour and the smooth leather is lovely.

Details wise (from my very limited Celine knowledge), the heat stamp is correct and positioned accurately, size is correct and all on the 'surface' looks fine. 

There is not doubt it's not 100% but I'm confident carrying it out because the faults are minor and not many will have this bag in the area where I live.

Unsure of the hardware colour but after looking at the TPF it's not too far off to be worried about.

Overall - I am quite pleased with the bag that will be an awesome pop of colour for the summer.

The lining is real leather

Monday, March 17, 2014

Louis Vuitton Stephen sprouse Roses Speedy 30 from

Hello all,  

So this is the review of the Roses Speedy I received from

Pros: Colors are amazing, canvas alignment and roses seem in place, hardware and stitching look good, in general it is very well made.
The leather, the print, the line up all was perfect...

Score: 7/10  Well, but I really like it! once the leather oxidizes it will look much better, I'm sure.

I'm in love with the roses collection, next to get is the wallet  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

GIVENCHY Medium Antigona bag in navy leather

Hello everyone.

I finally got my Givenchy bag!Jess/Fallin4fashions sent me the preshipment photos in 2 days after i paid.I have to say Jess has great customer service.

First i mpression on this bag was wow it's really one of Jess's well made bags! The shape was not stressed while shipment. They packed the bag very well.
It came to its shape.The leather smell of this bag is soo divine! I can't stop smelling it when I first opened the bag.  The stitching is flawless,the mid logo is correctly.
Still can't believe its a rep. Flashing it all over the town. I have to say that I was so hopeful for this bag.It is so gorgeous.
It is the original quality,the leather is very soft and thick.I think it is worth.Overall I find it to be a great rep.  

Some Photos.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Speedy 25 With Shoulder Strap

Received this bag last week, so im quite satisfied with that! 

I am 5Hong's blog reader for a long time. I decided to order the Damier Ebene Speedy 25 from Jess/

Jess was very easy to deal with, prompt communication, and I got my bag in a week, shipping to New York. Paid $160 around there.
She sent pre-shipping photos. I told her to double check the overall details of the bag before it was shipped. 

Overall, the bag has NO chemical smell at all, just the normal smell of leather, which i likey hehe

The logo is on the right place,I compare with the authentic one.

Packaging was good, all the hardware and leather handles were wrapped up in plastic and the bag was folded up in the dust bag. The purse does have a factory-ish smell 
on the inside but it's not strong unless you stick your head in there and take a sniff so it's no big deal. I'm sure it'll air out with time.

Overall Jess was a pleasure to deal with - she was very responsive and didn't get frustrated with my tons of questions. 

I had been fairly worried about this purchase due to it being my first China purchase and plus it was my first online rep purchase,
but it was no big deal! It all worked out great in the end and I am happy with the outcome! I would definitely purchase from Jess again.   
So yay! I have made my first online rep purchase and I have no regrets! I love it and I hope it'll last me for years to come!