Friday, February 28, 2014

Celine Luggage tote Micro 26cm from Jess/Fallin4fashions

Hi 5Hong, Please post my review on your blog, thank you so much!

Girls, its here and she is a beauty! Too cute for words. It is the OQ Mirco Luggage in Black.

My first time dealing with and I am impressed. Her customer service is awesome. 

She is contactable via email/online chat. Prompt in her responses and very friendly. 

Her English is very good to communicate with.

She sends pictures of the actual bag that you will receive (alot and very detailed).

I paid through Western Union and she sent the tracking number for EMS shipping in the next day. Very efficient! 

The bag came in the dustbag which is nice and thick. All the handles were wrapped in plastic and there were stuffing inside the bag to keep its shape. 

I think its really is well worth it. The leather is very soft and smooth,the lining is real leather.

Much cheaper than other sellers' Mirco Luggage i Original Quality - of course I havent got the chance to compare the quality of other sellers nanos side by side, 

but this bag is really well made. No factory smell either. I am thinking of going back to get more colours!!! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Help!Help!-how to spot fake from authentic Prada-Prada br4253

Hi! 5hong,
 I stumble on your blog as I was trying to research more on how to spot fake from authentic Prada.. You see, I bought recently a Prada BR4253 that says "Authentic". I inspect the bag but I'm not really 100% satisfied and convinced if its really authentic. And I was planning on having it checked at Prada boutique but still trying first if somebody can help me out.

And I was wondering if maybe you could help me out. Attached are the photos I took using my phone. Thanks so much!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Busy at work recently

Dear blog readers,

I hope all of you had a very sweet Valentines’ Day. My Valentines’s Day was just busy at work.

My boss is thinking a new project in 2014. All of us are very busy with the meetings, presentation in the office.

I was too busy to open my blog emails recently. I miss my bags and the fans so much. Last night i had a rest to log in my email box.  Wow! There are 500 e-eails in my inbox. I read them one by one and I will reply to you at my free time.  But I must say I can’t reply all your emails of asking me Jacky’s website info, Joy’s website... Because you can find out the answer on my blog. I hope you could do enough research before ordering. Another , I don’t sell any replica handbags. Some blog readers told me they don’t feel comfortable to order the replica handbags,they wanted to order from me or asked me to help them to order. Once again,it is just my passion of the handbags to build up the blog and run it. I won’t sell any replica handbags.

At last,I found many sites are updating the new collections after the Chinese New Year. I am super excited to see updated the Gaint City in OQ. It’s my Valentine gift. I am still thinking about the color to order . It’s a hard time for me to decide the colors. xoxo.

I received some bags last week. I may do the reviews at my free time . Hopefully this weekend. 




Sunday, February 16, 2014

Prada Saffiano for sale


I have a brand new nude coloured Prada Saffiano Replica bag for sale as i do not think i will get a lot of use out of. 
Its a really beautiful bag but it doesn't suit my style so i thought i will re-home it to someone else! 
The measurements of the bag is about:L30cm x H20cm x D13cm and it comes with strap and dust bag.
I'm asking for $165.00 (excluding shipping). 
If you're interested for more photos please contact me on!
Thank you! :)

More pics :