Friday, January 17, 2014

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Wallets from Melody

Hi 5Hong

Here is my 1st review - I purchased this bag this month before I went on vacation. It was delivered the week I returned. It's from Melody of

I took the photos on my back Patio under the sunshine. The color is true to the actual wallet.

2 Damier Ebene Wallets 
Cost:$55 and $65
Shipping: $33

My thoughts: 

Smell: The smell was so rich when I opened the package which I was thankful for. I've ordered items from other sellers and the chemical smell not only 
made me gag but took weeks of sitting on my back patio before the smell went away.

Quality: Held up to my authentic canvas it looks the same, however is not as thick. That doesn't bother me much. 


- The shipping in my experience with Melody is always quick to the states. Her communication gives me peace of mind and it doesn't take long for her to respond 
to emails. I learned to always ask if an item is in stock BEFORE you place an order because items on the site are not always available. 

- Yes I put a note to check stitching and alignment.  I think Melody told her colleagues about it so I have not complaints with the wallets. 

- The inner structure as they should be! YAY! Because my old sell didn't pay attention on it ,i got some wallets with wrong structure.


- The dust bag looks cheap. I think most of the replica Louis Vuitton products with this problem. It doesn't borther me.


Overall I give the 2 wallets a 9 out of 10. 

Thank you


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