Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hermes Birkin 35cm Black SHW Clemence Leather

After many many months of deliberating and many late nights creeping on 5hong's blog, i decided to take the risk (an expensive one to say the least). I've heard good things and bad things but from what i saw i just needed to have one for myself because they looked just amazing!!!

So i got in contact with cecile, she was nice and ready to answer any of my questions but the shipping was about two weeks and abit and the shipping date wasn't the date she had told me. There was consistant contact which was great but the whole sending money idea was kinda scary. But all my questions were answered, and now she's mine and i can't stop starring!!!

The collection has now begun, here she is!!!! :dance1: (sorry for the quality couldn't find my digital camera) :(

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