Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Burberry Laptop Bag from Jess/Fallin4fashions

My Hub was finding a laptop bag for long. We ordered from Jess/

The bag is not on her site,i told Jess i wanted a laptop bag. She sent me some photos 
of different brands. My hub chose the Burberry.

We are very impressed with this bag.  

Overall Rating: 9.5 /10

Seller Communication : Very responsive.

Shipping: It arrives in 5 days only from China.I ordered it 3 days before the CNY holiday.

Payment: Western Union,It could ship out the bag faster.

Packaging: It was well packed ,the bag comes in its shape with dust bag.

 Others/ Flaws : 
- Smell: slight chemical smell but not over powering,leather smell.
- Hardware: It has a substantial weight and not easily scratched. . 
- The leather : is thick
- Dust Bag : is of good quality, thick and the stamping is neat. 
-Wrinkles on the handle, but it is fine with me.
-Interior is amazing. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Something about the Chinese Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)

The Chinese New Year is a traditional Chinese festivals,  it is the grandest and the most important festival for Chinese people. It like our Christmas Holiday. All the enterprise will close to have the holiday. 

So i just wanna to warn you your orders would be delayed during the holiday. All the factories,shipping agents are not working . The Chinese New Year of 2014 is 31st Jan. Some sellers will start to work on 8th Feb. If you are going to purchase recently,just wait for the sellers' reply.Don't get nervous if you can't receive the reply immediately. 

Have a nice day!


Louis Vuitton Damier canvas and Nomade calf leather Ascot from Melody/Fallin4fashions

Hi 5Hong,

Finally my first rep purchase arrived.Louis Vuitton Damier canvas and Nomade calf leather Ascot from Melody/

As heard from many reviews her email correspondence is very fast,her customer support is outstanding and payment via my cc is very safe.
Shipment was a bit tricky to Belgium - but Melody support was great - he rerouted it via Dubai by DHL and after 2 weeks it finally arrived without beeing fined.

I paid 175$ for the bag and 70$ for shipment.

As I am not so familiar with Louis Vuitton I can’t go into details.but my first impression is that she looks great!!I compared it with the authentic,the logo details are in the same place.
The material is so soft - georgeous!! 
Hardware seems to be intact. There is a small chemical smell but I think it will disappear after a while.

I wanted to share the photos with you – I’m curious to hear what you think?? 


The newest trusted seller

From :
This page contains a list of websites that I have either personally purchased from and or were highly recommended to me by people I trust. They are not listed in any particular order.

Also please understand that just because a site is listed here does not mean they always provide Excellent Service and Quality. Even the best sellers will slip a dud now and then and there are only a very few that are willing to work with you to resolve issues.

It is each buyer's responsibility to research a seller before making a commitment to buy. This list is only meant as a guide because your experience may vary.



Helen Online
1.Western union
3.Wire Transfer (Bank to Bank)

FabAAA Replica (Joy) (shop) (blog)
Click Here for Review
Accepts Western Union, MoneyGram and Bank Transfer

FallinFashion  (Main Site) Site)
Accepts Western Union and Credit Cards 

Dick Online


H2000H ( - Main Site - Newest Site Ready To Ship

Luxury Sell (Helen)
Click Here for Intro
Accepts Western Union, MoneyGram and Bank Transfer

Sandy of SimpleAAA
Click Here for introduction.
Accepts Western Union and Credit Cards 

Fang's Replica
Fang's email is If you have any questions or need a quote for a bag to your country please email her with the link or picture of the item you are interested in. Prices vary depending on your location and also not everything listed is in stock so it's best you contact her first before paying.
Accepts Western Union and Credit Cards thru AliExpress

Username: e2pop
Password: handbag
Yupoo Gallery:
Password: yupoo
Yupoo Gallery:

Catty's Replica
Her site requires a password. Just email her and she'll give it to you.

Louis Vuitton Online
They specialize in Louis Vuitton and Celine. And they accept PayPal.

86 Hermes Birkins

Uncle Bench
This site requires a password. You can request one by emailing
This seller has great quality bags but they are very expensive and you must be prepared for a lengthy wait because your order could take over a month to deliver. They have been known to have long delays in shipping so if you are not patient DO NOT buy from this seller.

Shally's Replica
This site requires a password. I'm sorry but I cannot share mine so you will have to request your own. You can send your request to

Wholesale Bags (AliExpress Seller)
Click Here for Review

Mindy of LuxeforLess
Yupoo Album:
Click Here for introduction.


Hank on AliExpress

All Fashion
You must email them for a password.

Bagaholics Online

ELL Express

Bagis Shop 

This site requires a password. You can sign-up for one on their site.


Colan Handbags

Louis Vuitton & Hermes 

This is a new site that I have only seen reviewed once by a member of our forum whom I feel is trustworthy. She had a positive experience with this site. The transaction went smoothly, package arrived quickly and well packaged and the best part are the product itself! The pictures she posted of her Marlebone GM were amazing! Based on this I feel they are worth a shot to check out.

Ultra Fashion Bag

Luxury Bag & Luxury Mall (mixed brands) (Chanel) (Gucci Replicas) (Scarves)
Password for all sites is bestluxury

Gift Handbags


The sites listed below should be considered only as a Last Resort. These are sites that I have purchased from but due to the overall experience and/or quality of products I do not feel they deserve a spot on the top of the list. I recommend that you try one of the other sellers at the top of the list first before you consider buying with these guys.

Vanco Fashion & Tino Bag  also
Click Here for review. (this was my original review, my opinion of them has changed due to recent experiences. I will post an updated review soon but you can read about some of the issues via the link here:
I will continue to buy from them if I really want an item and can not find it elsewhere but I do not recommend them if you are not patient. They have become very slow to ship and tend to ignore emails especially if there are issues or concerns and they don't bother to update you on status of shipping so it can be very frustrating dealing with them.

TSE Bags
This site is owned by the same people that run Vanco Fashion.

New Bag Factory (aka NBF) 
I own several bags from this seller and I LOVE ALL of them however I will now only buy their bags pre-owned from someone here in the US. This seller has been getting a lot of mixed reviews lately and seems more negative than positive. They used to be a top seller but I think they got too popular and became careless. Also they take a long time to ship. Shipping delays are anywhere between 1-3 months without any update from the seller. If you buy from them you must be prepared for a lengthy wait so I would recommend buying pre-owned for now until they get their act back together. You will need to register in order to see the products on their site and your account has to be approved before you can sign in. Their email

Bevan of Luxury7Star
This seller currently accepts credit cards and PayPal but if you pay via Western Union you do get a 5% discount off your purchase price. This seller has had very mixed reviews. It's about 50/50 so if you've never ordered I suggest you buy one item first to test the quality.

Click Here for Review
I do not recommend buying from iOffer unless it is a seller you've purchased from before. I would not even have this site listed here except that some of our trusted sellers do have a shop there. Proceed with caution and only buy from a seller you're familiar with otherwise there is a bigger chance of being disappointed with the sellers there.


Hermes Birkin 35cm Black SHW Clemence Leather

After many many months of deliberating and many late nights creeping on 5hong's blog, i decided to take the risk (an expensive one to say the least). I've heard good things and bad things but from what i saw i just needed to have one for myself because they looked just amazing!!!

So i got in contact with cecile, she was nice and ready to answer any of my questions but the shipping was about two weeks and abit and the shipping date wasn't the date she had told me. There was consistant contact which was great but the whole sending money idea was kinda scary. But all my questions were answered, and now she's mine and i can't stop starring!!!

The collection has now begun, here she is!!!! :dance1: (sorry for the quality couldn't find my digital camera) :(

Photo forum:

Friday, January 17, 2014

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Wallets from Melody

Hi 5Hong

Here is my 1st review - I purchased this bag this month before I went on vacation. It was delivered the week I returned. It's from Melody of

I took the photos on my back Patio under the sunshine. The color is true to the actual wallet.

2 Damier Ebene Wallets 
Cost:$55 and $65
Shipping: $33

My thoughts: 

Smell: The smell was so rich when I opened the package which I was thankful for. I've ordered items from other sellers and the chemical smell not only 
made me gag but took weeks of sitting on my back patio before the smell went away.

Quality: Held up to my authentic canvas it looks the same, however is not as thick. That doesn't bother me much. 


- The shipping in my experience with Melody is always quick to the states. Her communication gives me peace of mind and it doesn't take long for her to respond 
to emails. I learned to always ask if an item is in stock BEFORE you place an order because items on the site are not always available. 

- Yes I put a note to check stitching and alignment.  I think Melody told her colleagues about it so I have not complaints with the wallets. 

- The inner structure as they should be! YAY! Because my old sell didn't pay attention on it ,i got some wallets with wrong structure.


- The dust bag looks cheap. I think most of the replica Louis Vuitton products with this problem. It doesn't borther me.


Overall I give the 2 wallets a 9 out of 10. 

Thank you


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Purse princess Forum is Now Officially Open for Registration

Just a quick reminder in case some of you missed my previous post. Purse princess Forum is now open for registration. I am asking that all my blog readers email me after they register with their username so I can make sure you are approved.

My email is

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Red Prada Saffiano 33cm Tote and Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Alma M53151

I got the package last weekend.I ordered from Jess/ .

Ive never been this happy with the reps ive ordered.The bags look gorgeous details and stitching look great. Will let the pics speak for itself but i am just so happy 

The Louis Vuittons hardware is heavy and just like the authentic.  

I am so happy for the red saffianos tote,i can assure you it feels true to the authentic since i own an auth saffiano wallet