Saturday, December 7, 2013

Replica Balenciaga Black City from e2Pop

This is a replica Balenciaga Black City with Classic Pewter Hardware from David of e2Pop. This bag is sold on his site for $119 plus shipping ($35 for US buyers).

It's a nice bag for the price but I'm not loving it for a few reasons. My biggest issue with the bag is the shape and size. It's not small by any means but it almost looks like a Part Time than a City and I really do not like the shape of the PT.

It's big enough to accommodate all my essentials but unless the bag is loaded beyond normal it slouches too much (middle part caves in). I think that is part of the charm but for me I prefer it to have a minimal slouch.

My 2nd issue is the finish. As you can see from the pictures it's really shiny. The leather itself is soft and smells wonderful but it's thin in comparison to my other Bals. However, authentic Bals come in different types of leather, some of which are thin so I don't think this is necessarily a flaw. I just prefer the thick chewy leather that NBF is known for.

I purchased 3 black Bals and didn't like any of them. I realized after getting this one that I only like Bals in bright colors. The other 2 from Joy and NBF have already been rehomed so this is the only Black one I have left.

Anywhoo, I'm too lazy to pull out my only authentic Bal to do a side by side comparison and you guys have seen that bag too much already so I'll just point out what I see.

The leather is distressed calfskin. It's slightly thinner than my authentic bag but it's soft and smells wonderful. If the shine bothers you too much you can tone it down or take it out completely with a cheap spray from your local craft store. I didn't take note of the name but there's more than one type. You can find them at Michaels or Jo Ann's fabric store.

For those with back problems, this bag is very lightweight.

Zippers works perfectly. The hardware looks black but it's actually a dark gray. I think it's supposed to be pewter. Pewter hardware (PH) is no longer in production. They were made in 2003-2004.

The stitching is camouflaged so you can't really see it without looking closely and even then it's still difficult so I didn't really look for any flaws. If I can't see it I'm not going to worry about it :).

Sorry for the shower doors in the mirror lol. I took these pictures in the bathroom because it's the only room with enough sunlight so I don't have to use artificial lighting.

The mirror is made with glass and is the correct shape and size.

The zipper on the back is incorrect. It should not have that square piece at the end.

The back of zipper is embossed with Lampo.

The rings are soldered closed.

Bales are dipped.

The rope detail on the handles are correct. There is only 1 instead of 2.

The lining is thinner than my authentic but not bad.

The engraving is done well and is correct for older models back when they used sterling for the tag. 925 stands for sterling silver but it's no longer in production.

The tag itself is not sewn in tight which is why it isn't centered.

The Made in Italy on my authentic bag is in all Caps. I don't know if it's supposed to be that way on all bags or if they have some in lower case like shown below.

And here's what it looks like when empty. The bag is lightweight.

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  1. I was on David's site a month ago and when I went back a page it had been locked by corporate lawyers. Is there a new address for him? I wanted to order a couple of bags from him but now I can't. Any help would be greatly appreciated.