Monday, December 9, 2013

Pre-shipping Pictures of my Blue Jean Birkin from H2000H

It's been awhile since I've posted any reviews and I'm working on so many things it might be awhile longer still. So I thought I'd share the pre-shipping pictures for my first Birkin from H2000H. his is Victoria's favorite seller for Hermes bags, I received it last month right before this mess with Chanel so I haven't got around to taking my own pics yet.

I know some of you have had problems with this seller and I'm sorry about that. But my experience was positive and they've worked with me to resolve issues with other buyers so I feel like I've built a rapport with them. I wanted to post about it but wasn't sure if the buyers would be ok with that so I'll leave it up to them to share their experiences.

I think some sellers work well for some buyers and not for others so my policy is to stick to those that treat you well instead of trying many new sellers. I tend to be loyal to those I have a rapport with which works for me for the most part.

Here are the pictures Cecile (whom I worked with) sent to me before the shipment. This is supposed to be hand stitched which is twice as much as machine stitched. I would not normally spend this much on a replica but it was my B-day and hubby gave me cash with restrictions not to buy a bunch of bags so I had to spend it on only 1 :D.

I'll do a thorough review when I have time to post my own more detailed pictures but for now suffice it to say I am very happy with what I received. It looks exactly as pictured. I'm not at all familiar with Hermes but I can tell the bag is well constructed and there is an amazing difference in the quality of this leather compared to other reps. The leather smells like the leather seats of a brand new car! I'm impressed and once my situation allows it would like to buy another one in a larger size (machine stitched though :)). This one is 30cm and too small for me. Well actually it's a good size for my frame but I like bigger bags :).

My only complaint is the packaging. It arrived in a box half the size of the bag. It was literally folded in half! Fortunately there were no permanent damages. Just some creases that has filled out nicely after a few weeks stuffed full with a pillow. I reprimanded him on the packaging but he explained the purpose of the small box was to hopefully avoid customs attention. That does make sense because the box was so small I don't think anyone would have suspected it contained a bag lol. and the H2000H expain:


  1. Wow, I am impressed. I am on a waiting list with Hermes for a Birkin, but their politics is starting to disgust me. I love Hermes because of the quality, but if I can get a rep with the same quality for 10% of the cost I would love to. I am probably going to order from this site also, but I am worried they wont be as personal with my order. I have no history with them and I don't want to receive a bag that is not up to par. This will be my first replica ever. I have a large collection of Authentic handbags, but I am willing to make the exception to by-pass Hermes and their ludicrous behavior. Is there any thing I can do to insure that my experience will be stellar?

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    2. Email me if it's still available!

  2. Emelina I am interest in your bag if it is not sold. you can email me at