Sunday, December 1, 2013

No More CC Reviews Going Forward

I hate to do this but I'm going to remove all CC reviews and related topics from my blog including those sent to me by readers. 

But a promise not to sell their products isn't enough. I feel like my freedom of speech is taken away but without financial resources there's nothing I can do to fight it. They are a multi-billion dollar industry so their legal expenses are a drop in the bucket for them.

I just wanted to let you know so you can save any reviews you'd like to keep before I remove them.

However, if you are a member of the RLU forum there are plenty of reviews there. I can't post any myself but other members can without any issues to themselves or the forum unless they are caught selling. Sales are prohibited so so it shouldn't be a problem.Posting reviews are not illegal.

Also I want to bring up another subject that I have held off on posting because I did not want to cause a panic. But it's already come up on the forum several times.

Many of our trusted sellers are being sued by the same company. But please do not worry. If you have an order with any of them you will still get it.

Sellers get shut down all the time. It's a risk they are all aware of and if you sell on the internet you will be caught sooner or later. Thankfully copyright infringement laws in China are practically non-existent so most will just re-open with a new domain. There is probably little if any financial ramifications unlike in the US or other countries where copyright laws are strictly enforced.

I will update my seller list with new websites as I get them but it might come to that I can no longer list sellers that offer CC products. I'll have to find out from my attorney.

Here is a list of all the sellers that will likely have their site seized so if you see a serving notice do not panic. I've spoken to most of them and they assured me it's business as usual. You can find more info here: (David) (Joy)


  1. How are we gonna know new sites?

  2. Yes! I found Joy a few weeks ago after they shut her down but I found her by accident...will you post the new sites as they appear??