Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Louis Vuitton Tivolli GM from Jocelyn


I came across your website purse princess and I love it! I wish I had seen your website before I purchased my replica Louis. I purchased it from a site called Louis Vuitton Wonder and they claim to be authentic... which I knew they were not. But I took a chance and now I am disappointed :-( 

I purchased a Tivolli GM and the front crease is way too long. I have enclosed a picture for you. 

The stitching is OK.The bag feels sturdy... but I think that the front crease will be a sign that it is not a close replica,

I wanted to email you and introduce myself. And perhaps I can share more pictures of the purse with you?




  1. Hi :-) I just wanted to ask you, I ordered an Artsy MM from Fang for Christmas, and I'm very uneasy with the whole EMS shipping process right now, I'm well aware they love to take their time, but I was just wondering what was the usual time its stuck in Guangzhou? I'm reading all these horror stories of peoples packages getting stuck there for a month and its already embarrassing enough having a Christmas present be late, let alone a month.

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